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Malta Events 2016 – Top 10

farsons beer fest
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The Maltese people love to party and so do the thousands of people who come to visit the islands each year. It seems like every week there is a great event to go to. If you want to know about the best ones then continue reading our list of the top 10 Malta events 2016.

St.Patrick’s Day – 17th of MarchSt.Patrick's Day

The feast of St.Patrick’s has turned into an awaited national event here in Malta. The Maltese respect theirfellow Irish and their beliefs. Celebrated for hundreds of years, St.Particks is a worldwide event, which brings all nationalities together to celebrate this feast. Nevertheless in Malta, this is highly celebrated in Spinola Bay in St.Julians, where the streets come to life with music, food and of course a lot of drinks. All in all, it’s just a fantastic time.  

Malta International Firework Festival – 16th, 23rd & 30th of AprilMalta-International-Fireworks

Another event which is increasing in popularity every year is the Malta International Fireworks Festival. It is an incredible spectacle, not only for the female romantics but for anyone who appreciates the talent of such art. The fireworks are synchronized with music, creating a powerful hair-standing sense of awe. This is held in none other than the beautiful Maltese Grand Harbour, where thousands of on-lookers stand together looking up at the sky at this beautiful spectacle.




Malta Music Week – 24th to the 29th of June; Isle of MTV – 28th of June

The Malta Music Week marks the end of another scholastic year and the start to another fabulous summer ahead in Malta. The M.M.W is a week filled with parties in different locations and vibes for all. This is a truly magical week full of freedom and enjoyment. The biggest party of them all is by far the Isle of MTV, which has been running in Malta for the last 10 years. This is held in a large open-air square, attracting over 50,000 people from across the globe. A free live concert by top performers, creates the BIGGEST FREE FESTIVAL IN EUROPE!

Sliema Arts Festival – 15th till the 17th of Julysliema art festival

The Sliema arts festival is another event full of summer vibes, sun and music. Situated right on the Sliema promenade, this little stretch of land is filled with artistic events for three days. The works of art include freestyle art work, reggae music, live bands, and the super electro swing set which always gets everyone dancing. With the summer moon and music in the air, this truly is magical Malta.




The Marsovin Wine Festival – 15th till the 17th of July 

Marsovin Summer Festival

If you have never tried Maltese wine before, you should! The Marsovin Wine Festival takes place at Hastings Gardens in Valletta and is a great opportunity to try a different variety of grapes and speciality food all in one evening. This 3-night event will give wine enthusiasts a taste of Maltese wine, whilst listening to live bands and trying our special Maltese food.


The Malta Jazz Festival – 22nd till the 24th of JulyJazz-Festival

The Malta International Jazz Festival takes place every year in July. A line-up of top international and Maltese artists present an eclectic mix of jazz styles from the current music scene. In recent years, world famous artists have performed under star-lit skies during this festival which is held over two nights in Valletta.



Farsons Great Beer Festival – 22nd till the 31st of Julyfarsons beer fest

After a week of scorching summer heat, what better way to unwind and relax than with a cold refreshing beer? The Farsons Great Beer Festival is Malta’s largest summer event where families and youngsters come together for a great night out. It’s all about good music, good food and, of course, good beer. Thousands of visitors come to this free 10-day festival every year. The programme is filled with live entertainment and activities, together with a large selection of bars offering a mix of international food and drink. Definitely something to look forward to!

Malta International Arts Festival – 10th of July till the 3rd of Augustmalta art festival

Art is music, art is dancing and singing and art is creativity – it is not only a drawing in an art gallery. At the Malta International Arts Festival, local and foreign artists perform side by side. The diversity in performances attracts a mix of ages and cultures – all entwined in one night of entertainment and fun. Enjoy food and drink as music fills the air and the summer moon fills the sky above.    



Feast of Santa Maria – 15th of Augustsanta maria feast

This feast is widely celebrated in many Catholic countries. On the eve of this holiday in Malta many people organise parties. Pool parties, boat parties and even international DJs fly down to create a night to remember. On the feast itself, family and friends spend the day together, feasting and enjoying each other’s company – on the beach, or on a boat or by the pool while enjoying a tasty barbecue and a cold beer.


Malta International Airshow – 24th and 25th of SeptemberAIRSHOW-MALTA

The Maltese international air show has been taking place for over 10 years. Fighter jets, helicopters and specialised planes from around the world fly to Malta, some just for display whilst others (such as the Red Arrows) perform a spectacular display of aerobatic manoeuvres. Every year, this event attracts a large audience of all ages. Many families come with their children, to see these big, expensive machines up close.  


Which of our top 10 Malta events 2016 will be the best? Let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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School Activity feedback by Alex

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During my four weeks in April/May 2015 at Maltalingua I joined a lot of school activities organized by Julian, the coordinator. The activities I liked most where the English guided tours with Mariella a school teacher and licensed guide. We were small groups and every week we went with a private bus to different places of interest. We visited the old town Mdina, with its small narrow streets and the fabulous view across the whole island. The stop at Fontanella Tea Garden, with the famous chocolate cake was an obligation!

The Lascaris War Rooms Trip in Valletta was one of the most surprising tours I took part. The way the tourist guide from the museum talked about “the part of Malta during the second world war” was very interesting and he was extremely enthusiastic. After the museum we walked with Mariella around the city and to the Upper Barrakka Garden with its panoramic view. Later we made a stop at one of the best ice-cream parlour in Valletta.

I was there again and again…. 🙂

The three city tour and the megalithic Temples tour were also very interesting and informative. Only the 4D film at the temples museum was not very informative and meaningful. Whatever, on the other hand the museum and the temples were great to visit! For me it is a must! Mariella knew a lot of history and she also told stories from the present age of Malta. Her English was clear and easy to understand….also for me, perfect.

There were other not English guided tours also organized by Julian I liked too. We were always a nice group of students with Julian and we had a lot of fun. Sometimes it was a little chaotic, the bus rides needed a long time for every distance because of the incredible traffic on this island. But at the end everything worked! 😀

The Beach trip to a sandy beach called Ghajn Tuffieha was lovely for relaxing, swimming and playing beach ball. The Boat trip to the Blue Grotto was one of the worse tours I made. Eight euro for that short boating was really expensive but anyway to see blue grotto was nice and I would do it again. The wine tasting was truly really interesting, to see a wine cellar in another country and to taste a wine directly from a winemaker it’s always a nice experience. The canoeing tour in the lovely Gnejna bay I also enjoyed a lot. We were around 20 canoes paddling around. Some of us good other better!

The evening tours with the school were …… what should I say? Now I know that Malta has good wines and excellent cocktails.

At the weekend I made with other students together (sometimes organized by Julian and sometimes only recommended by him) a trip to Gozo and the sightseeing highlights like the Azure Window or a Boat trip around Comino with it’s lovely caves and the beautiful Blue Lagoon or a trip to Marsaxlokk to see the famous fish market. To travel around Malta is easy. With the public transport you can go to nearly every point on the island for little money but you need really a lot of time and even more patience. As I told you before, the traffic on Malta is a mess.

I ´ll recommend every school activity! I loved it. It was an easy way to see and hear a lot of this beautiful island and to stay together with other students and to practice my English.

Like the school motto: Learn English under the sun!

By the way, I enjoyed your lessons and I want to say thanks for this time, I attended a course B1+.

Greetings from cold Vienna

Alexandra Neurauter

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What goes on in Malta in June.

june malta
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June,  the beginning of summer time here in Malta : ). Malta is very well re-known for its scorching summer sun with temperatures reaching in the mid 30s and above and it also hardly ever rains during the summer months.

For these reasons Malta turns into a Mediterranean paradise, attracting visitors from all four corners, with its main attractions being the sun, sea, sand and naturally learning English : )

beaches maltaMalta is littered with various blue flag beaches and bays all having different characteristics and landscapes. Popular beaches such as Mellieha Bay and Golden Bay can be found in the north of Malta, whilst rock pools and bays can be found in the south and all over the islands. Most beaches in Malta offer the opportunity to partake in a wide variety of watersports, such as jet skiing, diving, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, paddle boating, and much more. Beach BBQ’s are also organized on various beaches for private events or even beach parties.

Speaking of parties, Malta is not far off when it comes to offering some pool party maltaof the best summer parties. Boat parties that take you out into the open water until the sun sets over the red sky and some of the best pool parties in some of the best venues Malta has to offer. Pool parties are increasing in popularity over recent years with private events and parties taking place in such venues.

The night life here in Malta is something not to miss, with St.Julians (Paceville) being the star attraction and Valletta increasing in popularity over the past few years, bringing back the life it (Valletta) once had many years ago. 

One of the most popular upcoming events this June will be the Earth Garden festival held from the 5th till the 6th of June.earth garden malta

This three day event takes place in central Malta, in a remote village called Ta’ Qali, where hundreds of people visit to see what its all about.

Earth Garden is all about up-and-coming artists, some of the best local productions and a good vibe.  A variety of activities are also organised such as exhibited art installations, sculptures, and photographic works and also street drama performances. Various genres of music are played, including tribal music, bands, reggae and also electro swing. This is start to the summer life here in Malta : )

Another key event taking place that same weekend is Rockastra, being held in Victoria, Gozo. This will be the third edition of Rockastra, a spectacular concert of rock music featuring  some of the leading local singers and bands. The location of this event attracts many locals and foreigners to visit the little island of Gozo.


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Wonderful student blog by Lydia Thomas

Lydia Thomas
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Hello, my name is Lydia Thomas and I am 18 years old and I come from Germany. I have just completed two weeks at Maltalingua school of English. This was my second time studying at the school, as I was also there last summer in August 2014.

I decided to come back because I fell in love with Malta last year and I felt that the second time at Maltalingua would allow me to continue the love affair. I’ll tell you some differences between spring and summer time at Maltalingua. 😀

This spring I have done really great activities for example we went horse riding at the Golden Bay which was a very beautiful experience. I also enjoyed two meals with my friends from school, one at Vecchia Napoli and one at Surfside. Both really enjoyable meals, with a great group of people!

One of the more exciting activities I tried has to be paint balling. It was very difficult but also a lot of fun and very high energy. I also visited the Sunday fish market at Marsaxlokk which is a very traditional experience. 😛

In the summer the range of activities was very varied. You can spend a lot more time sunbathing and swimming in the sea (because it is warmer), which is the perfect way to relax after class. You can visit some fabulous Maltese sights by boat such as Blue Grotto, Blue Lagoon in Comino and Gozo which are all extremely beautiful. The range of activities in the summer is just as varied as in the spring, with a full weekly programme of fun things.

As well as the great activities at Maltalingua, you also get thought by some really creative, interesting and professional teachers who also know how to join in the fun at the weekend. Part of the reason I came back to Maltalingua was to have my English improved.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend Maltalingua because of the excellent teaching and interesting activity programme, no matter if you come in spring, summer, autumn or winter!

Good luck and I hope you enjoy this fantastic school as much as I have. 🙂

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A Taste of Malta

Maltese Dinner
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Last night’s dinner activity was organized in an old style Maltese farmhouse restaurant, known as Razzett L-Antik, (old farm). The owners of this restaurant have managed to transform this old place into a traditional farmhouse, where traditional Maltese food is served. It was a really great experience for us all with certainly great value for your money, as the meal included a full on, all you can eat three course meal including drinks and wine :). The service was also spectacular where at the end of the dinner there is also a show where ladies dressed in traditional costume dance to folkloric music, and I must confess that my students very encouragingly made me get up to dance with one of the young ladies. Why not I guess, certainly made everyone laugh :). And how can I forget the two older gentlemen playing old traditional songs on their guitars who spent a good 15 minutes next to our table, good fun in all.

It is certainly a one off experience where our students got to taste Maltese typical food and also witness a bit of Maltese traditional dancing and singing.

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Wine tasting and dinner

wine tasting & dinner
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Last week in Maltalingua, we decided to spice things up a little with a fantastic wine tasting tour and a lovely dinner out by the sea.

The wine company we visited, with the name of Marsovin is located in Marsa, which means port or harbour. We still had very very warm weather here in Malta, however all was much cooler when we made our way into the icy cold cellars. The cellars are kept at a chilling 16⁰C and with extremely thick walls we surely did not feel the outdoor heat. We first had a detailed speech about the founder of Marsovin and the vineyards where the grapes are grown. Our French guide than took us for a tour around the cellars and described different facts about storing their wine and also how the sparkling wine is made and stored very carefully.

Save the best for last, the tasting of the wine. To go with the different wins, we also had traditional Maltese appetizers, simply splendid. With a group of 10 students and another 6 Dutch men, the atmosphere was really nice and friendly.

As we were gathering next to our van just outside the establishment one of my students brought me a bottle of wine as a thank you for helping her at the school. This really made my day and certainly brought a big smile to my face. 🙂

To add on the cherry onto our cake, we went out for dinner with a group of 25 students. The restaurant is located just across from our school so was not a problem for anyone. Fabulous wine, good food and certainly very nice company, the students really had a fantastic day.

This is what the Maltalingua experience is all about!

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What to do in Malta: Events in October

Malta in October
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Finally October is upon us and now that summer is officially over the temperature has started to decrease slowly and we also witness the beginning of the rainy period in Malta, making it ideal for country side walks. The sea however is still warm in this time of the year, at around 25ºC, this makes it suitable for sea lovers to still enjoy a day by the sea side.


Birgu festival

Birgu is one of the three historical cities located just opposite Valletta. During the 2nd weekend of October, Birgu is transformed into a candle light wonderland. As night falls, all of the street lights are turned off and the whole town is completely light up by candles. This really gives stunning effects as if you are travelling back in time as the narrow streets and old houses create the perfect ambiance. The whole community comes alive as Churches and museums are open for the public including food stalls and live bands. Truely a night not to be missed if given the opportunity to visit.

mdina grand prixMdina Grand Prix, 9th to the 12th October 2014

Mdina, the old capital of Malta is situated in one of the highest central points in Malta. This not only creates breath taking views but also exceptional conditions for hill climb racing. Every year in October the Mdina Grand Prix is organized. Here you will find your selection of classic sports cars and more modern ones all lined up for a tire smoking, petrol fuelled weekend. You will also find your older classic cars all polished up ready for their photo shoots.

Click on the link below to find out what’s going on.


Rolex Middle Sea Race, October 13th to October 25th 2014Rolex-Middle-Sea-Race

This year, the Rolex Middle Sea Race has its 32nd anniversary. From Valletta’s harbour, about 70 cruisers embark on a 606-sea-mile journey to pass the Strait of Messina along the eastern coast of Sicily. The trip continues around Stromboli, Favignana and Pantelleria on Sicily, and then back to Malta through Lampedusa. The different landscapes and textures of the sea make this race a particular challenge and attraction!


We all know that October is the month of Halloween, a tradition celebrated throughout most of the world. We have larger celebrations in Malta, however over the years Halloween theme parties are picking up, so if you’re into dressing up and a spooky night out, you’re most certainly covered for.

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The Hal Lija Festa

Lija festival
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We met up at Giuseppe, 25 people all with eager expressions on our faces, feeling excited about the prospect of a very special night, for many of the students it was their first week in Malta.

As we made our way closer to the destination, we noticed flags, different coloured lights and decorations on the roofs of different houses. A 20-minute journey took us straight into the heart of Hal Lija, where we were greeted by a large crowd of people on route to the village centre.

We followed the crowd into a spectacular display of lights, food and street decorations. We immediately got a bite to eat and a drink and made our way along the road slowly. The atmosphere was just amazing, excited people everywhere, food stalls selling traditional Maltese foods, and of course our beloved Maltese Cisk lager, a popular choice at any festival.

The church was a beautiful spectacle, covered in lights from top to bottom, casting a warm glow over the whole crowd and adding an element of life and excitement to the event, perfect for taking photos with your students, which I must say attracted a big crowd. But when you’re having fun it doesn’t really matter. We just absolutely loved it. In a massive explosion of sound and light, the sky lit up. The fireworks spectacle had begun!

A massive crowd all gathered, people pulling out their mobile phones and cameras to snap a piece of the action or to take a video to show their friends back home. The reactions on the faces of the students was just priceless. They were amazed at the sheer quantity and vast range of fireworks that one tiny village could contain. I certainly don’t think that these students will be forgetting the Hal Lija festival any time soon! What a truly memorable night

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What to do in Malta: Events in July

comino/malta/blue sea
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July is just around the corner and Malta is heating up and buzzing with life. Sunny blue skies and temperatures reaching 35⁰C create the perfect opportunity for swimming all around Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Beer Festival:farsons beer fest

The Farsons Great Beer Festival is held from the 27th of July to the 5th of August. Definitely one of the best festivals held every summer here in Malta. Not only do tourists get to taste our local beers such as CISK, but also the opportunity to try other world renowned beers. The Farsons Great Beer Festival is held in the small village of Ta’ Qali with the ancient city of Mdina as its backdrop.

It’s a festival that is all about good music, good food and, of course, good beer, definitely one not to be missed. It is a free 10-day festival filled with lots of entertainment and activities, and a large selection of bars offering food and drink. Numerous live performances featuring hot local musicians and bands can be enjoyed on the open-air stages.


In the middle of July we have the Malta Jazz and Rock Festival which is held from the 17th to the 19th. This is a three night concert full of international jazz music being held beneath Valletta’s stronghold, revealing a beautiful scenery of one of the nicest man made harbours world-wide. Fans of jazz music will gladly take this opportunity to spend beautiful evenings with world-famous artists this month.

If Jazz is not your thing, just around the corner from the school is Malta’s entertainment hub of Paceville – the town that never sleeps.

Beaches and Coves:Maltese beach

The Maltese islands have over 30 different beaches and bays. Surrounded by water, it rarely takes more than one hour to reach a destination of your choice. Whether in Gozo, Comino or Malta you are never far from the crystal clean blue waters perfect for water sports, snorkelling or simply sipped on an ice cold beer!

Boat Party Maltalingua StyleBoat Party Night Cruise:

The boat depart Sliema front at around sun set and these twin masted wooden ships motor out of Valletta harbour and head along the eastern side of Malta up the coat to the islands in the north. Propelled with pulsating music and high spirits the Turkish gullet spends time in the Blue lagoon for a swim and then returns back to Malta at around mid-night. A great way to wind down after a week of study.

Come and visit us at Maltalingua and experience the difference!


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August Events in Malta

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Looking for something to keep you entertained and amused outside of your English course this August? Fear not! Malta has plenty to offer this month as always!


Some of Italian artist Alvalenti’s work is being shown in his first solo exhibition in Malta – The Emotion of an Instant runs until 8th September at the Capo Tavola Restaurant.



Opera lovers have the opportunity to see tenor Joseph Calleja in concert on 1st August at the Granaries in Floriana. The annual summer concert also features the well-known Italian singer Zucchero as well as Rebecca Ferguson, Malta’s very own Gianluca Bezzina and internationally popular DJ duo Tenishia. For those more interested in dancing the night away, Sunglasses at Night, Malta’s most famous clubbing brand, returns for the Summer Special 2013 on 2nd August in Malta’s largest open air venue, Numero Uno. If you grew up in the 90s then the open air 90s party on 3rd August at Għaxaq Sqaure will appeal to you!

Food and Drink

Valletta’s Delicata Classic Wine Festival (8th – 11th August) gives you the chance to sample Maltese wines and both Maltese and international cuisine. The event also features live entertainment to accompany the delicacies on offer throughout the evening. The Cornucopia is hosting a Summer Sizzler barbecue on 24th August around its swimming pool. The event is a great way to socialise with your fellow course-mates at the same time supporting the Gozo CCU Heart Monitors Foundation and enjoying good food and wine and Malta’s beautiful summer weather!

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