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Malta Events 2016 – Top 10

farsons beer fest
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The Maltese people love to party and so do the thousands of people who come to visit the islands each year. It seems like every week there is a great event to go to. If you want to know about the best ones then continue reading our list of the top 10 Malta events 2016.

St.Patrick’s Day – 17th of MarchSt.Patrick's Day

The feast of St.Patrick’s has turned into an awaited national event here in Malta. The Maltese respect theirfellow Irish and their beliefs. Celebrated for hundreds of years, St.Particks is a worldwide event, which brings all nationalities together to celebrate this feast. Nevertheless in Malta, this is highly celebrated in Spinola Bay in St.Julians, where the streets come to life with music, food and of course a lot of drinks. All in all, it’s just a fantastic time.  

Malta International Firework Festival – 16th, 23rd & 30th of AprilMalta-International-Fireworks

Another event which is increasing in popularity every year is the Malta International Fireworks Festival. It is an incredible spectacle, not only for the female romantics but for anyone who appreciates the talent of such art. The fireworks are synchronized with music, creating a powerful hair-standing sense of awe. This is held in none other than the beautiful Maltese Grand Harbour, where thousands of on-lookers stand together looking up at the sky at this beautiful spectacle.




Malta Music Week – 24th to the 29th of June; Isle of MTV – 28th of June

The Malta Music Week marks the end of another scholastic year and the start to another fabulous summer ahead in Malta. The M.M.W is a week filled with parties in different locations and vibes for all. This is a truly magical week full of freedom and enjoyment. The biggest party of them all is by far the Isle of MTV, which has been running in Malta for the last 10 years. This is held in a large open-air square, attracting over 50,000 people from across the globe. A free live concert by top performers, creates the BIGGEST FREE FESTIVAL IN EUROPE!

Sliema Arts Festival – 15th till the 17th of Julysliema art festival

The Sliema arts festival is another event full of summer vibes, sun and music. Situated right on the Sliema promenade, this little stretch of land is filled with artistic events for three days. The works of art include freestyle art work, reggae music, live bands, and the super electro swing set which always gets everyone dancing. With the summer moon and music in the air, this truly is magical Malta.




The Marsovin Wine Festival – 15th till the 17th of July 

Marsovin Summer Festival

If you have never tried Maltese wine before, you should! The Marsovin Wine Festival takes place at Hastings Gardens in Valletta and is a great opportunity to try a different variety of grapes and speciality food all in one evening. This 3-night event will give wine enthusiasts a taste of Maltese wine, whilst listening to live bands and trying our special Maltese food.


The Malta Jazz Festival – 22nd till the 24th of JulyJazz-Festival

The Malta International Jazz Festival takes place every year in July. A line-up of top international and Maltese artists present an eclectic mix of jazz styles from the current music scene. In recent years, world famous artists have performed under star-lit skies during this festival which is held over two nights in Valletta.



Farsons Great Beer Festival – 22nd till the 31st of Julyfarsons beer fest

After a week of scorching summer heat, what better way to unwind and relax than with a cold refreshing beer? The Farsons Great Beer Festival is Malta’s largest summer event where families and youngsters come together for a great night out. It’s all about good music, good food and, of course, good beer. Thousands of visitors come to this free 10-day festival every year. The programme is filled with live entertainment and activities, together with a large selection of bars offering a mix of international food and drink. Definitely something to look forward to!

Malta International Arts Festival – 10th of July till the 3rd of Augustmalta art festival

Art is music, art is dancing and singing and art is creativity – it is not only a drawing in an art gallery. At the Malta International Arts Festival, local and foreign artists perform side by side. The diversity in performances attracts a mix of ages and cultures – all entwined in one night of entertainment and fun. Enjoy food and drink as music fills the air and the summer moon fills the sky above.    



Feast of Santa Maria – 15th of Augustsanta maria feast

This feast is widely celebrated in many Catholic countries. On the eve of this holiday in Malta many people organise parties. Pool parties, boat parties and even international DJs fly down to create a night to remember. On the feast itself, family and friends spend the day together, feasting and enjoying each other’s company – on the beach, or on a boat or by the pool while enjoying a tasty barbecue and a cold beer.


Malta International Airshow – 24th and 25th of SeptemberAIRSHOW-MALTA

The Maltese international air show has been taking place for over 10 years. Fighter jets, helicopters and specialised planes from around the world fly to Malta, some just for display whilst others (such as the Red Arrows) perform a spectacular display of aerobatic manoeuvres. Every year, this event attracts a large audience of all ages. Many families come with their children, to see these big, expensive machines up close.  


Which of our top 10 Malta events 2016 will be the best? Let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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What goes on in Malta in June.

june malta
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June,  the beginning of summer time here in Malta : ). Malta is very well re-known for its scorching summer sun with temperatures reaching in the mid 30s and above and it also hardly ever rains during the summer months.

For these reasons Malta turns into a Mediterranean paradise, attracting visitors from all four corners, with its main attractions being the sun, sea, sand and naturally learning English : )

beaches maltaMalta is littered with various blue flag beaches and bays all having different characteristics and landscapes. Popular beaches such as Mellieha Bay and Golden Bay can be found in the north of Malta, whilst rock pools and bays can be found in the south and all over the islands. Most beaches in Malta offer the opportunity to partake in a wide variety of watersports, such as jet skiing, diving, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, paddle boating, and much more. Beach BBQ’s are also organized on various beaches for private events or even beach parties.

Speaking of parties, Malta is not far off when it comes to offering some pool party maltaof the best summer parties. Boat parties that take you out into the open water until the sun sets over the red sky and some of the best pool parties in some of the best venues Malta has to offer. Pool parties are increasing in popularity over recent years with private events and parties taking place in such venues.

The night life here in Malta is something not to miss, with St.Julians (Paceville) being the star attraction and Valletta increasing in popularity over the past few years, bringing back the life it (Valletta) once had many years ago. 

One of the most popular upcoming events this June will be the Earth Garden festival held from the 5th till the 6th of June.earth garden malta

This three day event takes place in central Malta, in a remote village called Ta’ Qali, where hundreds of people visit to see what its all about.

Earth Garden is all about up-and-coming artists, some of the best local productions and a good vibe.  A variety of activities are also organised such as exhibited art installations, sculptures, and photographic works and also street drama performances. Various genres of music are played, including tribal music, bands, reggae and also electro swing. This is start to the summer life here in Malta : )

Another key event taking place that same weekend is Rockastra, being held in Victoria, Gozo. This will be the third edition of Rockastra, a spectacular concert of rock music featuring  some of the leading local singers and bands. The location of this event attracts many locals and foreigners to visit the little island of Gozo.


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A Taste of Malta

Maltese Dinner
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Last night’s dinner activity was organized in an old style Maltese farmhouse restaurant, known as Razzett L-Antik, (old farm). The owners of this restaurant have managed to transform this old place into a traditional farmhouse, where traditional Maltese food is served. It was a really great experience for us all with certainly great value for your money, as the meal included a full on, all you can eat three course meal including drinks and wine :). The service was also spectacular where at the end of the dinner there is also a show where ladies dressed in traditional costume dance to folkloric music, and I must confess that my students very encouragingly made me get up to dance with one of the young ladies. Why not I guess, certainly made everyone laugh :). And how can I forget the two older gentlemen playing old traditional songs on their guitars who spent a good 15 minutes next to our table, good fun in all.

It is certainly a one off experience where our students got to taste Maltese typical food and also witness a bit of Maltese traditional dancing and singing.

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Maltalingua Boat Summer Special 2014

Boat Party
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The Santa Maria fell on Friday 15th August and as such Maltalingua School of English was closed. Instead we decided to charter a private yacht for teachers and students and spend the day troung the Maltese Islands. It turned out to be the best Maltalingua excusions ever!

At 09:45 we met at our usual meeting point and by the time everyone had arrived, we left by 10:15. The coach departed St.Julians and made our way to Mellieha, in the north of Malta where our Turkish gullet awaited us.

Unfortunately our trip was delayed shortly after we left, funnily because one of the ropes got tangled round one of the propellers. No problem, this only meant more time on the boat and that we would return later in the afternoon, win win for us. 😀

Once we departed, the music was turned up and the trip had begun. Maltalingua staff and students already settled down, started wearing their sun creams, and buying their first drinks, whilst others just chilled on the deck. Our first stop would be Comino, but because of the size of our boat and the vast amount of boats out that day, we parked just outside the Blue Lagoon. The sea was simply beautiful, too nice, too tempting not to jump in.

We had students buying burgers and beers, others jumping from the boat, some snorkelling and others chilling on our water noodles. It was just fantastic. At one point a 600 horsepower speed boat came by and offered to take some of the students for a blast round the caves. Never have I seen students have so much fun going so fast, it was epic.

Once all back on the boat, we cranked up the music and now the party was in full swing. Students where dancing everywhere and nothing could have ruined our day. I am confident enough to say that I am sure everyone on board will never forget that day. Sun shining, crystal clear water, super good music and great students.

Shortly just after 15:00 hours, we changed our venue to a less crowded bay just round the corner for more swimming and dancing. It is such a good feeling when after long hours of planning everyone said they had suhc a good time!

Just after 16:30 we made our way back, still dancing and jumping around, till we literally arrived back at the dock. Once back on the coach everybody just knocked out, all except for one if I’m honest (Luca!) All in all, I can’t think of any other way how this day could have been any better and I’m sure everyone on board would agree with me.


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Maltalingua Trip to the Farsons Great Beer Festival

maltalingua selfie
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On Friday the 28th of July, one of our newest teachers (Jonathan, from Glasgow in Scotland), accompanied a thirty five strong group of students to the annual “Beerfest” held in Malta. Here is what he had to say, about what was certainly a fun and entertaining evening…

We met at Giuseppe’s Bar in St Julians, on a bright, balmy Friday evening, and caught the coach over to the “Beerfest”, a mere 20 minutes away. The atmosphere on the bus was a very expectant one – thirty five students, fresh from a week of learning English, ready to party and let off some serious steam. We arrived around nine thirty, and slowly but surely, staff and students alike were sampling some of the alcoholic delights the “Beerfest” had to offer!

On sale were a variety of Maltese lagers and beers, and also some from the wider international market – an event catering to everyone’s beer taste! The students were thriving off the festival atmosphere which they were met with – live music, dancing, carnival games, and a whole host of nationalities all united by one common passion – beer!

During the course of the evening, I treated the students to some interpretive Scottish dancing (which the students heartily tried to replicate), and the laughter and good vibes were flowing straight through until we left at midnight, back to St Julians. This truly was an event which satisfied everyone – from 18 years old to 60 years old, everyone could loosen up and have a giggle over a pint of good old Maltese “Cisk”!

For some of the party animals among the group, the fun and games continued on to Paceville for a few hours more of dancing, beer and laughter. I’m happy to report that after a few pints of “Cisk”, the overall quality of the students Scottish dancing improved dramatically! (See photographic evidence!)

“Beerfest” – a cheap night out, with great company, amazing surroundings and divine refreshments – what more could you want? Well, another pint of “Cisk” since you asked… 🙂

Jonathan Dunn (Maltalingua Teacher)

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What to do in Malta: Events in June

Picture of Malta by Claire
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June is now upon us and summer is nearly here. With temperatures soon reaching 30⁰C, it’s all about the sun and the sea. As the sea temperature starts to increase, one becomes aware of the plenty of beautiful beaches scattered around Malta. One is truly spoilt for choice.


We start off June with the Malta Arts Festival, being hosted from the 1st to the 15th.

The Malta Arts Festival takes place every year, displaying a wide range of different works of art, both Maltese and international. This festival is held in different venues such as theatres and conference centres in Valletta. The best part is, most of these presentations are free of charge.

Music:Isle of MTV Malta

Malta is well-known fas an island for top entertainment especially over the warm summer months. We start off the summer season with a bang, with the Malta Music Week, held from the 20th to the 25th. Big parties will take place every day, catering for different followers of different musical tastes. The last day is the biggest of them all, with the Isle of MTV Malta Special this year being held on the 25th. This is held every summer and is yet again totally free, attracting over 50,000 people. Three global artists perform a live show also including an amazing line up of DJs, it is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed.


Towards the end of June we have the L-Imnarja Summer Folk Festival taking place on June 29th.

L-Imnarja meaning “Festival of Light”, dates back to the 1530s when fires were used in festivities. Today, the festival is celebrated in Buskett Gardens, where family and friends gather for picnics, drink fruity Maltese wine and eat national dishes such as the traditional rabbit dish. In the evening, singing, guitar playing and local folk music provides entertainment.

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Isle of MTV Malta Special 2013

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Yes, Maltalingua were there : )

7th edition. Over 50,000 spectators… 4 international music acts… Local talent… The top event of the year… The massive Isle of MTV Malta Special 2013.

Maltalingua students were among the crowd, singing to the ever famous hits and moving their body to the music. A huge yellow Maltalingua flag could be spotted from a distance, which made it easier for the students and staff at Maltalingua to party together all through this spectacular event.

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest  representative, Gianluca Bezzina, and other Maltese artists kicked off the night. The British dance act, Rudimental were next on stage and the audience couldn’t stop moving to their high energy beats.

Everybody was singing to Rita Ora’s funky tunes, while Rita Ora’s dancers were shuffling on stage. Next on stage was the amazing Jessie J, who surprised the crowd more than once. With her latest bleached shaved hair, Jessie had the crowd mesmerised with her spectacular voice.

The last act to rock the stage was the multi-award winning, platinum selling producer and electro-dance DJ Afrojack who had the crowd asking for more.

By Katrin Risiott (Teacher)

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The Best of 2012 – Thank you everyone for a great year!

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After arriving in Malta at the start of March 2012, Malta has given memories that shall be cherished for many years to come.  Not only was it about moving from London to a new country, it was about being part of a team to start a brand new project and open the latest English Language School, called Maltalingua.

In the space of a few weeks, we managed to complete all of the finer details which had been in preparation since January.  The school was ready, we had the desks and chairs, the books had been delivered and our teachers had been recruited, and we were eagerly awaiting our first arrivals.


On 2 April 2012 we warmly welcomed our first students through the door.  Now the school had come alive, and since then more than 500 students from more than 15 different countries have studied at Maltalingua.  Some have chosen General English, other have preferred Business English and those looking to study at university abroad have taken our IELTS Preparation course.  However, the one thing that they have all shared is the vibrant community.

Students are invited to taste Maltese food at the weekly welcome party on the rooftop by our private pool, and take part in the social activities programme, including sports, culture and evening activities, all in the company of our teachers.  Perhaps some of the most memorable have been the fireworks in Valletta and the melodic sounds of the karaoke night in St Julians with over 50 students and teachers!


Maltalingua is situated in St Julians, which is arguably the most popular destination for English Language students in the Maltese Islands.  With over 300 days of sunshine and approximately 70,000 English language students arriving in Malta every year, it has been a pleasure to experience the Maltese atmosphere from such a great location.

Not only that, the school is based in a traditional and charming Maltese building with character and personality.  The building has been tastefully renovated to offer modern classrooms, and as the school has grown, the classrooms and the facilities have improved too, including the addition of a self-study room and a library.


At Maltalingua we have developed a detailed teaching programme with the latest materials. However, the credit for our students’ classroom experience must also be given to our staff.  We are fortunate to have a great team of qualified teachers, who care about the students and provide the opportunity for them to develop and practise their language skills in a welcoming environment.  They have received a lot of good feedback and some are still in touch with previous students, and the memory lives on.

And next…

After an amazing first year, we have welcomed 2013 with open arms, with new goals, new ambitions and the same enthusiasm.  Perhaps some of the most exciting projects are the addition of two more classrooms to our school in St Julians and the introduction of the brand new junior programme (aged 12-17) which is due to start in March.

We would like to express our gratitude to previous students for choosing Maltalingua and look forward to welcoming them and new students in the future.

Michael Brewster

Director of Studies

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School Activity: Maltalingua Pub Night

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After a great mixture of social activities to explore Maltese culture, another to try Maltese food, and another to develop English pronunciation, it was time to have a relaxing evening down the pub – well at a few pubs to be precise for the Maltalingua pub crawl.

We met at the school, and then went down to the LOVE monument in Spinola Bay to collect Andre, Michael and Jens. It was a nice mixture of new and existing students and Igli, who was coming out for one last farewell. Although the intention was to go from one bar to another, a couple of students were feeling peckish, so we first choose a place where we could eat and drink to kill two birds with one stone.

Everyone was happy with the choice. Some opted to resume their beer drinking, while others preferred to quiet down their stomach grumbles with food… accompanied by beer, of course!  Then we moved on to the next place and the next… but throughout the night, the pub crawl was of course, complemented with a generous serving of English language practice, a few helpings of error correction by myself, and promises to stay in touch in the future.

Written by: Michaela Griscti

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School Activity: Karaoke Revisited

Karaoke party with Maltalingua students
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We were all set for another night of karaoke, and this one was the big one.  We’ve always found it to be popular in the past, but this particular karaoke event had the biggest turnout to date, around 45 students and 5 teachers.  Both students and staff were excited and couldn’t wait to start belting out tunes.

We eagerly arrived at the bar, some of us ordered drinks, while others started dancing the night away to the beats the DJ was playing. Every table in the bar was taken by our students, and everything was going to plan – great atmosphere and certain to be awesome evening. Then, the nightmare began – we found out that the karaoke machine had stopped working. We had two options: we could have either simply enjoyed the night in each others’ company over some drinks and chats, or improvise and go for plan B. Too bad, we didn’t have a back-up plan.

Luckily Michael took action the moment he arrived and came up with plan B in an instant by searching for another karaoke bar in the vicinity. After a couple of trial and errors, he was successful and managed to find a bar just right around the corner. So we quickly gathered all the students to tell them the great news. Needless to say, everyone was ecstatic to find out our initial plan to sing along to some great tunes was not ruined. So we all happily went to the newly found Irish karaoke bar, where we were welcomed with a lively atmosphere. We literally filled the bar – leaving no space for any newcomers to take our place on the stage! We all drank, danced and had a fantastic time till the early hours of the morning. This was truly a great karaoke event, revisited in every sense of the word!

Written by: Michaela Griscti


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