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Online Video Lessons #9 – Grammar and Vocabulary

Prepositions of place English lesson
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Jonathan and Danielle worked hard last week to bring you 5 more great Maltalingua lesson videos. This week we have a mix of grammar and vocabulary. The lessons are about prepositions, prefixes, ‘have’/’have got’, ‘few’/’little’ and advanced phrases for ‘too much’.

You can always find many more lesson videos on our YouTube channel. Remember to like share and subscribe!

Elementary: Prepositions of Place – English Grammar Lesson

Elementary English lesson videos on YouTube.


Pre-Intermediate: ‘Have’ vs ‘Have Got’ – English Grammar Lesson

Pre-Intermediate English lesson videos.


Intermediate: Little/Few – English Grammar Lesson

We have lots more Intermediate level videos on YouTube.


Upper-Intermediate: Prefixes – English Vocabulary Lesson

Check out our Upper Intermediate level playlist.


Advanced: Phrases to Describe ‘Too Much’ – English Vocabulary Explanation

Find all out out Advanced level lesson videos here

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Online Video Lessons #7 – Greetings, articles, magic and more

online English lessons with CELTA qualified teachers.
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Hello everyone! We have 5 great new videos this week including differences between UK and US English, and a lesson with a professional magician! You can also learn how to use English grammar articles, greet people and write formally and informally.

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Elementary: Greetings – English Functional Language Explanation

Watch all our elementary videos.


Pre-Intermediate: Greetings – English Functional Language Explanation

We have a lot more Pre-Intermediate level videos. You can watch them here.


Intermediate: Magic with Eddy – English Vocabulary Lesson

Do you want to watch more intermediate level videos? Then go to our playlist.


Upper-Intermediate: US vs UK – English Vocabulary Lesson

Watch all of our Upper Intermediate videos on YouTube.


Advanced: Writing Styles – English Vocabulary Explanation

We have a collection of advanced level videos that you can find in our playlist.

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Online English Lesson Videos #5 – I Can Give Directions!

English video lesson about directions.
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Watch our 5 newest video lessons. There’s one for students at each English level.

To watch more English lesson go to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/maltalingua
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Elementary: ‘Can’ Ability – English Grammar Lesson

Watch all of our Elementary level videos.


Pre-Intermediate: Directions – English Functional Language Lesson

More Pre-Intermediate level videos.


Intermediate: Present Continuous for Future – English Grammar Lesson

You can watch more of our Intermediate level videos here.


Upper-Intermediate: ‘Would’ Past Habits – English Grammar Lesson

Click here to see all of our Upper-Intermediate level videos.


Advanced: Common Collocations – English Vocabulary Lesson

We have a wide range of Advanced level videos. You can watch them here.

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Online English Lesson Videos #3 – More Grammar!

Comparative adjectives English video lesson thumbnail
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This week we’ve got 5 new English grammar lesson videos for you! Watch and learn 🙂

We have lots more lesson videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/maltalingua
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Elementary: Comparative Adjectives – English Grammar Lesson

Watch more Elementary level videos here.


Pre-Intermediate: ‘Some’ and ‘Any’ – English Grammar Lesson

Find more Pre-Intermediate level videos here.


Intermediate: Second Conditional – ‘Must’ and ‘Have to’-English Grammar Lesson

You can watch more of our Intermediate level videos here.


Upper-Intermediate: Adjective Order – English Grammar Lesson

To watch more Upper Intermediate level videos click here.


Advanced: Conditionals Review – ‘Wish’ and ‘If Only’ for Past Regrets – English Grammar Lesson

If you’d like to see more of our Advanced level videos, please click here.

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WIN a language trip – Do Smarties have the answer?

Maltalingua Teachers
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Following on from the success of our Malteser and Pool competition, Maltalingua is again offering you the chance to win a language trip to our school in Malta.

In another chocolate-based competition, we have filled a large jar full of Smarties (19 Liters). We naturally counted every single Smartie (!) and the total number in the jar is a top secret and only known by one person.

To enter the competition simply guess how many Smarties are in the jar and you could be in with a chance of winning a two-week course at Maltalingua including accommodation, airport transfers, participation in three activities per week and course materials. On top of all this, Maltalingua provides its students with a course certificate on completion, free internet access to keep in touch with friends and family and keep on top of your homework(!), student discount card and welcome pack and an invitation to the world-famous (well, maybe not world-famous) welcome party.

Maltalingua Smarties CompetitionWhen entering, please let us know either why you think Malta would be a great place to learn English and/or tell us about something you find particularly strange, interesting or funny about the English language – and try to be creative and original!

And don’t forget to include your guess on the number of Smarties in the jar. The competition will end when the correct number has been guessed!

Simply click here to take part.

Good luck!

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Like traveling? Then learn English!

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Ahhh English. Simple, without accents, and widely spoken. Easy to learn at a basic level, a bit more difficult when it comes to slanging with your new mates. Why learn English you ask? Well, it’s everywhere! Almost every educated person the world over has at least taken an English class at one time in their life, and it’s for good reason. English is the new lengua franca and the most widely used language internationally when it comes to both business and leisure.

I was lucky enough to be born in the good ole’ US of A (maybe not so lucky), but regardless, the official language of my home country is of course, English. Growing up, I traveled mostly within the country, but when I made it to university and had the opportunity to hop overseas, I was pretty shocked to see how pervasive my native tongue really was on menus, street signs, websites, etc. (maybe a bit lucky)

Don’t believe me? Head to a hostel, and tell me what the people from Germany are speaking to the people from Japan. I’ve even seen people from non-native English speaking countries get mad at shop owners and servers in restaurants when they don’t speak any English!

 There is a need for a de facto “common” language, and that language these days is most definitely English, I’m just lucky enough that it happens to be my mother tongue (phew). So, if you’re considering learning another language that will not only be rather easy to do so, make your traveling experiences more …communicative, and help open doors for you in the professional world, then consider English rather than Swahili for your next linguistic endeavor  (Swahili would still be cool  to learn though!).

This was a guest post from Jeremy of TopSpotTravel.com

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May Events in Malta

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An English course at Maltalingua wouldn’t be complete without taking some time to explore the culture and nightlife of the island further. There is always something going on in Malta and May is no different! So here’s a summary of some of the island’s highlights to keep you occupied outside of your course.

The third edition of the much anticipated Beland Music Festival takes place between the 10th and 17th May this year. This is a free event showcasing some of Malta’s finest musicians so a perfect opportunity to experience Maltese culture firsthand. If you prefer British music, the Maria Mater Gratiae concert band are performing a wide range of genres in their ‘Rule, Britannia’ event on 12th May at Ħaż-Żabbar.

Jewellery Exhibition open until 26th May
The beautiful, historic  in the island’s capital Valletta plays host to a collection of spectacular – and seldom seen in public – pieces of jewellery loaned from Maltese private and church collections. The exhibition started in March but you still have until the 26th May to enjoy these pieces.


If you’re looking for something a little more light-hearted, the Malta Amateur Dramatic Club is performing ‘Secret Bridesmaids Business’ at the St James Cavalier in Valletta. The play is a comedy and centres around a bride the night before her wedding day and the escapades of her bridesmaids who must decide whether to tell her about her less-than-perfect husband. More comedy can be found at Eden Comedy’s 6th Stand Up Comedy Night on the 24th May at Eden Cinemas featuring top comedians from around the globe.

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Malta, Summer 2013 – MTV are in, are you?

David Guetta Live
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How would you feel about joining 50,000 music lovers on the sun-kissed island of Malta this summer? What about watching some of the world’s top music acts performing live in the iconic Il Fosos Square in Valletta? Now, how about if we told you that you could do all of this for FREE at the Isle of MTV Festival this year?

Interested? Read on…

The Isle of MTV Festival has been running successfully on the island of Malta for the last six years and has featured acts such as Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, will.i.am and David Guetta and 2013 is promising even more top acts, star performances and an incredible atmosphere! MTV’s flagship summer event this year takes place on 26th June – perfect for those who wish to combine their experience of live festival music with a little sun worship!
Why not also combine your visit with a language course at Maltalingua? Our school has recently been modernised and offers a free internet studio, self study room and book lending library making learning English with us the perfect complement to the festival experience and the sun, sea and sand which Malta offers in abundance. Added to that is the fact that our school is a stone’s throw away from Malta’s liveliest night spots so your commute from the classroom to the dance floor couldn’t be easier!

With no fewer than seven low-cost airlines waiting to bring you to this beautiful island, an opportunity to see some of the world’s top acts performing LIVE and the chance to learn English in magnificent surroundings, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket NOW!

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