We met up at Giuseppe, 25 people all with eager expressions on our faces, feeling excited about the prospect of a very special night, for many of the students it was their first week in Malta.

As we made our way closer to the destination, we noticed flags, different coloured lights and decorations on the roofs of different houses. A 20-minute journey took us straight into the heart of Hal Lija, where we were greeted by a large crowd of people on route to the village centre.

We followed the crowd into a spectacular display of lights, food and street decorations. We immediately got a bite to eat and a drink and made our way along the road slowly. The atmosphere was just amazing, excited people everywhere, food stalls selling traditional Maltese foods, and of course our beloved Maltese Cisk lager, a popular choice at any festival.

The church was a beautiful spectacle, covered in lights from top to bottom, casting a warm glow over the whole crowd and adding an element of life and excitement to the event, perfect for taking photos with your students, which I must say attracted a big crowd. But when you’re having fun it doesn’t really matter. We just absolutely loved it. In a massive explosion of sound and light, the sky lit up. The fireworks spectacle had begun!

A massive crowd all gathered, people pulling out their mobile phones and cameras to snap a piece of the action or to take a video to show their friends back home. The reactions on the faces of the students was just priceless. They were amazed at the sheer quantity and vast range of fireworks that one tiny village could contain. I certainly don’t think that these students will be forgetting the Hal Lija festival any time soon! What a truly memorable night