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7 best events in Malta – Autumn 2017

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At Maltalingua we love to go to all the great events happening in September and October in Malta. We’ve used our insider knowledge to create the following list of the best events in Malta in Autumn 2017.

While most of Europe is becoming chilly in Autumn, Malta gets lovely average temperatures of around 26 degrees in the daytime. The sea temperate also stays warm enough for most people to swim right into November. These comfortable temperatures make Autumn a great time for events in Malta, and people here make the most of it!

Top events in Malta in Autumn 2017

Maltese Independence Day – Various Locations – 21 September

Malta was a British Colony for 164 years until 21 September 1964 when the country gained its political independence. People here are very proud of their country and they love to celebrate the nation’s achievements. Independence Day is one of the most special, as such there are celebrations all over their islands. Some of the best celebrations can be found in the capital city, Valletta.

The Maltese Flag

Malta International Airshow – Malta International Airport – 23 & 24 September

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Malta International Airshow. The show has grown in one of Malta’s most popular, and most photographed events. Spectators can be amazed by the incredible acrobatic skills of top stunt pilots from around the globe. You’ll also get a close look at these incredible aircraft.

flight display at the Malta International Airshow

Rockestra – MFCC, Ta’ Qali – 30 September

At Rockestra music fans can see very different genres of music collide. It’s a dazzling show of rock and pop covers played by the orchestra with special guest singers and rock musicians bringing something a little different to proceedings.

rockestra 2017

The Malta Classic – Mdina – 5 to 8 October

The Malta Classic is the perfect event for fans of classic cars and motor racing. Set in the stunning city of Mdina, classic car enthusiasts show off their beloved machines then take to the roads to compete in the races. The main event is the Mdina Grand Prix held on the 7 and 8th of October.

Poster for the Mdina Grand Prix at the Malta Classic 2017

Notte Bianca – Valletta – 7 October

During the “white night” the cultural centers of Valletta light and open to the public late into the evening. Museums, galleries and even the parliament building welcome visitors for free. There are also many lively attractions happening on the streets of this beautiful city.

Notte Bianca Valletta

Birgu Fest – Birgu – 14 October

On an island famous for its lavish village feasts, it takes something really special to gain the reputation of being the most beautiful of all. For one night of the year, the city of Birgu is covered in candles and transformed. The effect is spectacular and walking through the narrow historic back streets bathed in candlelight is a truly memorable and romantic experience.

Candles at Birgu Fest Malta

Rolex Middlesea Race – Valletta Grand Harbour – 21 October

Now coming into its 38th year, Malta’s number one sailing race has become one of the top events of the yearly calendar. Visitors can take a stroll along the Birgu waterfront to see the great vessels close-up or just watch them departing from the any of the bastion walls overlooking the Grand Harbour. It’s a sight to remember!

Yachts in Malta

Want information about all the best events in Malta in 2017? Then check out our Malta Events 2017 page.

Which events would you most like to go to? Are there any you think we’ve missed? Leave a comment to let us know!

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School Activity feedback by Alex

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During my four weeks in April/May 2015 at Maltalingua I joined a lot of school activities organized by Julian, the coordinator. The activities I liked most where the English guided tours with Mariella a school teacher and licensed guide. We were small groups and every week we went with a private bus to different places of interest. We visited the old town Mdina, with its small narrow streets and the fabulous view across the whole island. The stop at Fontanella Tea Garden, with the famous chocolate cake was an obligation!

The Lascaris War Rooms Trip in Valletta was one of the most surprising tours I took part. The way the tourist guide from the museum talked about “the part of Malta during the second world war” was very interesting and he was extremely enthusiastic. After the museum we walked with Mariella around the city and to the Upper Barrakka Garden with its panoramic view. Later we made a stop at one of the best ice-cream parlour in Valletta.

I was there again and again…. 🙂

The three city tour and the megalithic Temples tour were also very interesting and informative. Only the 4D film at the temples museum was not very informative and meaningful. Whatever, on the other hand the museum and the temples were great to visit! For me it is a must! Mariella knew a lot of history and she also told stories from the present age of Malta. Her English was clear and easy to understand….also for me, perfect.

There were other not English guided tours also organized by Julian I liked too. We were always a nice group of students with Julian and we had a lot of fun. Sometimes it was a little chaotic, the bus rides needed a long time for every distance because of the incredible traffic on this island. But at the end everything worked! 😀

The Beach trip to a sandy beach called Ghajn Tuffieha was lovely for relaxing, swimming and playing beach ball. The Boat trip to the Blue Grotto was one of the worse tours I made. Eight euro for that short boating was really expensive but anyway to see blue grotto was nice and I would do it again. The wine tasting was truly really interesting, to see a wine cellar in another country and to taste a wine directly from a winemaker it’s always a nice experience. The canoeing tour in the lovely Gnejna bay I also enjoyed a lot. We were around 20 canoes paddling around. Some of us good other better!

The evening tours with the school were …… what should I say? Now I know that Malta has good wines and excellent cocktails.

At the weekend I made with other students together (sometimes organized by Julian and sometimes only recommended by him) a trip to Gozo and the sightseeing highlights like the Azure Window or a Boat trip around Comino with it’s lovely caves and the beautiful Blue Lagoon or a trip to Marsaxlokk to see the famous fish market. To travel around Malta is easy. With the public transport you can go to nearly every point on the island for little money but you need really a lot of time and even more patience. As I told you before, the traffic on Malta is a mess.

I ´ll recommend every school activity! I loved it. It was an easy way to see and hear a lot of this beautiful island and to stay together with other students and to practice my English.

Like the school motto: Learn English under the sun!

By the way, I enjoyed your lessons and I want to say thanks for this time, I attended a course B1+.

Greetings from cold Vienna

Alexandra Neurauter

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What to do in Malta: Events in October

Malta in October
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Finally October is upon us and now that summer is officially over the temperature has started to decrease slowly and we also witness the beginning of the rainy period in Malta, making it ideal for country side walks. The sea however is still warm in this time of the year, at around 25ºC, this makes it suitable for sea lovers to still enjoy a day by the sea side.


Birgu festival

Birgu is one of the three historical cities located just opposite Valletta. During the 2nd weekend of October, Birgu is transformed into a candle light wonderland. As night falls, all of the street lights are turned off and the whole town is completely light up by candles. This really gives stunning effects as if you are travelling back in time as the narrow streets and old houses create the perfect ambiance. The whole community comes alive as Churches and museums are open for the public including food stalls and live bands. Truely a night not to be missed if given the opportunity to visit.

mdina grand prixMdina Grand Prix, 9th to the 12th October 2014

Mdina, the old capital of Malta is situated in one of the highest central points in Malta. This not only creates breath taking views but also exceptional conditions for hill climb racing. Every year in October the Mdina Grand Prix is organized. Here you will find your selection of classic sports cars and more modern ones all lined up for a tire smoking, petrol fuelled weekend. You will also find your older classic cars all polished up ready for their photo shoots.

Click on the link below to find out what’s going on.


Rolex Middle Sea Race, October 13th to October 25th 2014Rolex-Middle-Sea-Race

This year, the Rolex Middle Sea Race has its 32nd anniversary. From Valletta’s harbour, about 70 cruisers embark on a 606-sea-mile journey to pass the Strait of Messina along the eastern coast of Sicily. The trip continues around Stromboli, Favignana and Pantelleria on Sicily, and then back to Malta through Lampedusa. The different landscapes and textures of the sea make this race a particular challenge and attraction!


We all know that October is the month of Halloween, a tradition celebrated throughout most of the world. We have larger celebrations in Malta, however over the years Halloween theme parties are picking up, so if you’re into dressing up and a spooky night out, you’re most certainly covered for.

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Let’s go to Comino! A guest post by Claire

Comino and Malta are beautiful
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I like to travel, to discover new landscapes but what I like the most is to talk with people and to understand their ways of living. But I don’t speak all languages! I speak English to most of the people I met! When I went to Malta, it helped me a lot!

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit Malta with a friend. Students who had spent six months as exchange students told us about this  Picture of Malta by Claire magical place and how much they loved it – we were not disappointed! We rented a car at the airport, which was very simple because we were so warmly welcomed. Fortunately, they warned us to drive on the left side of the road!

We visited the old town Mdina, Valletta and Comino, a small island just a few minutes away by boat. We found places as beautiful as postcards when we visited the small island of Comino and its Blue Lagoon.

We awoke early to catch the first boat. We put the bare minimum in our bag because we knew we would have to carry it all day and, even in October, the temperatures are around 30°C in the city

Once we arrived at the port, we realized we were  in the right place because a dozen boats offered to take us to the paradise island . Everyone spoke English, which helped us to quickly understand that the crossing would not be long, so that’s why they could take us on an inflatable boat.
Thrills guaranteed!

Blue Sea in MaltaOnce we arrived at the Blue Lagoon, we quickly rented masks and snorkels and went to discover the small fishthat lived there. There, we found a beautiful atmosphere, an amazing setting and breathtaking views.
We also had time to take a long walk around the entire island via the coast and saw beautiful beaches with turquoise waters! We met a couple who spoke English and had lunch on a small deserted beach. We talked about what we had already visited and exchanged tips for the rest of our trip.

After five hours spent on the island, it was time to go back, but I had a great day in a magical setting!

Thanks for everything, Malta!



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The Best of 2012 – Thank you everyone for a great year!

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After arriving in Malta at the start of March 2012, Malta has given memories that shall be cherished for many years to come.  Not only was it about moving from London to a new country, it was about being part of a team to start a brand new project and open the latest English Language School, called Maltalingua.

In the space of a few weeks, we managed to complete all of the finer details which had been in preparation since January.  The school was ready, we had the desks and chairs, the books had been delivered and our teachers had been recruited, and we were eagerly awaiting our first arrivals.


On 2 April 2012 we warmly welcomed our first students through the door.  Now the school had come alive, and since then more than 500 students from more than 15 different countries have studied at Maltalingua.  Some have chosen General English, other have preferred Business English and those looking to study at university abroad have taken our IELTS Preparation course.  However, the one thing that they have all shared is the vibrant community.

Students are invited to taste Maltese food at the weekly welcome party on the rooftop by our private pool, and take part in the social activities programme, including sports, culture and evening activities, all in the company of our teachers.  Perhaps some of the most memorable have been the fireworks in Valletta and the melodic sounds of the karaoke night in St Julians with over 50 students and teachers!


Maltalingua is situated in St Julians, which is arguably the most popular destination for English Language students in the Maltese Islands.  With over 300 days of sunshine and approximately 70,000 English language students arriving in Malta every year, it has been a pleasure to experience the Maltese atmosphere from such a great location.

Not only that, the school is based in a traditional and charming Maltese building with character and personality.  The building has been tastefully renovated to offer modern classrooms, and as the school has grown, the classrooms and the facilities have improved too, including the addition of a self-study room and a library.


At Maltalingua we have developed a detailed teaching programme with the latest materials. However, the credit for our students’ classroom experience must also be given to our staff.  We are fortunate to have a great team of qualified teachers, who care about the students and provide the opportunity for them to develop and practise their language skills in a welcoming environment.  They have received a lot of good feedback and some are still in touch with previous students, and the memory lives on.

And next…

After an amazing first year, we have welcomed 2013 with open arms, with new goals, new ambitions and the same enthusiasm.  Perhaps some of the most exciting projects are the addition of two more classrooms to our school in St Julians and the introduction of the brand new junior programme (aged 12-17) which is due to start in March.

We would like to express our gratitude to previous students for choosing Maltalingua and look forward to welcoming them and new students in the future.

Michael Brewster

Director of Studies

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School Activity: Mdina Excursion and sinful Chocolate Cake!

Maltalingua excursion Mdina
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The sun was still shining as we all gathered at school and set off for our evening excursion to Mdina. All the students were looking forward to tasting the renowned and scrumptious chocolate cake from Fontanella Tea Garden that us teachers were all recommending them to try. Students were certainly not lost for words on the way to the well-known Silent City, as everyone chatted away enthusiastically.

Gabriele was always thirsty for knowledge about everything and anything about Malta and the Maltese language. Luckily for him, we sat next to each other for the entire ride before we arrived to this breath-taking place and I was able to fill him in on as many questions he had.

Finally we arrived at our destination and the keen students jumped off, ready for our next adventure. They were all instantaneously mesmerised by the traditional, tall buildings and the old-fashioned style streets that surrounded this place. Everyone started taking photos from the very beginning. The entrance alone was enough to seize everyone’s attention.

Nowadays, most of Mdina’s palaces are private homes. The Cathedral of the Conversion of St Paul is impressive and overlooks a large square in which people stop to look around and take photos of their surroundings. Only a limited number of resident and emergency vehicles, wedding cars and hearses are allowed within Mdina, which makes it all the more special and unlike any other urbanized part of Malta.

I decided to ask everyone what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go. Janett mentioned that her teacher, Tess recommended Mdina Glass, where they have beautiful jewellery (amongst other glass ornaments) for sale, so we decided to go there to satisfy our curiosity. In the meantime, Lubov, Dominique, Maria and Christin decided to shop for postcards and souvenirs for their friends and family members. However the beautiful ornaments and accessories could have kept Janett and I there for hours on end!

Excitedly, our next stop was to Fontanella. We all hurriedly walked to the café hoping to find a place for all of us. Their divine Chocolate Cake looked amazing! Students hungrily waited for their portion of sweets and coffees, and needless to say, devoured them till the very last crumb! We had ample time to enjoy our environment and take even more photos.

As night was setting in, the City was given a different yet equally stunning aura. Some students decided to go their separate ways to appreciate what was left of our evening and perhaps record their last few minutes in the old city. Soon, we gathered again at the agreed meeting point, where all of us discussed what we ate and enjoyed about our lovely summer evening excursion. 

Written  by Michaela Griscti

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