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Free Online English Lesson – Wishes, Dreams, Desires & Ambitions

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Our dreams and ambitions follow us everywhere. It’s so important to be able to talk about them and to express ourselves in English. In conversations and other situations where you need to give reliable, fluent answers in English, these functional-language phrases will help you to keep the words flowing in a natural way.

Learn phrases used by native English speakers and memorize them to use in your next English conversation. These phrases might be challenging to translate from English to your language. We recommend leaving the translator alone and engaging in our English expressions lesson.

See how these English phrases can be used in such an easy and natural way to make you sound like you’ve been using these expressions all your life! Our native English teacher Brian Dimech will show you examples of real-life situations where you can use these English phrases in an everyday conversation.

Furthermore, our English phrases are ready-to-go functional-language, which means they need minimal changes to grammar or sentence-structure to use when you’re engaging in an English-speaking situation.

This video is perfect for English language students at the CEFR level B1+ (Intermediate) and level B2 (Upper Intermediate).


It’s OK to watch this video without writing down every word, but remember to come back and write down all the phrases that Brian teaches you. It always helps to write things down if you want to remember them!


We’ve summarised all the phrases towards the beginning and the end of the video, go and see Brian’s goodbye to find all the phrases. Scroll back to after Brian’s introduction to check the correct form for these great English phrases to express your wishes and ambitions!


English is a flexible and fun language. Now that you’ve learned the basic situations to use your new English phrases, make sure you change the verbs (see the correct forms in the video!) and find ways of applying them to a variety of different situations! Just make sure that your phrasal structure follows ours!


The English expressions being taught in these videos are used every day, all over the world. Now that you’ve learned them, you’ll be surprised to know that you’re going to be noticing other people using them a lot. Make sure to join in and use the phrases that you put so much time into learning and remembering.

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Online English Lesson Videos #2 – Conditionals

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Welcome to the second of our weekly English video lesson blog posts. This week our new videos focus on conditionals in English grammar. 

You can watch all of our lesson videos on the Maltalingua YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/maltalingua
If you want to see all our latest videos first, remember to subscribe on YouTube. (< this is a good example of a conditional sentence).


Conditionals in English Grammar:

Elementary: Zero Conditional – English Grammar Lesson


Pre-Intermediate: First Conditional – English Grammar Lesson


Intermediate: Second Conditional – English Grammar Language Lesson


Upper-Intermediate: Third Conditional – English Grammar Lesson


Advanced: Conditionals Review – English Grammar Lesson

Our YouTube channel has lessons on grammar, vocabulary, functional language and pronunciation. The lessons are based on the Cambridge CEFR system and organised into playlists by level:

If you have any questions, or you’d like to say ‘hi’, please leave a comment below. We love comments!zero-conditional

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Online English Lesson Videos #1

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We’ve recently started a great new English online video lesson project. Every week we’ll add new videos starring our Maltalingua teachers. You can find all the lesson videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/maltalingua
Remember to subscribe on YouTube if you want to see all our latest videos first.

We’ll have lessons about grammar, vocabulary, functional language and pronunciation. The lessons are based on the Cambridge CEFR system and organised into playlists by level:



And here are this week’s lesson videos:

Elementary: Superlative Adjectives – English Grammar Lesson


Pre-Intermediate: Past Simple – English Grammar Lesson


Intermediate: Closing Conversations – English Functional Language Lesson


Upper-Intermediate: Future Perfect Continuous – English Grammar Lesson


Advanced: ‘Wish’ and ‘If Only’ for Past Regrets – English Grammar Lesson


If you have any questions, or you’d like to say ‘hi’, please leave a comment below. We love comments!



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