Last night’s dinner activity was organized in an old style Maltese farmhouse restaurant, known as Razzett L-Antik, (old farm). The owners of this restaurant have managed to transform this old place into a traditional farmhouse, where traditional Maltese food is served. It was a really great experience for us all with certainly great value for your money, as the meal included a full on, all you can eat three course meal including drinks and wine :). The service was also spectacular where at the end of the dinner there is also a show where ladies dressed in traditional costume dance to folkloric music, and I must confess that my students very encouragingly made me get up to dance with one of the young ladies. Why not I guess, certainly made everyone laugh :). And how can I forget the two older gentlemen playing old traditional songs on their guitars who spent a good 15 minutes next to our table, good fun in all.

It is certainly a one off experience where our students got to taste Maltese typical food and also witness a bit of Maltese traditional dancing and singing.