After a great mixture of social activities to explore Maltese culture, another to try Maltese food, and another to develop English pronunciation, it was time to have a relaxing evening down the pub – well at a few pubs to be precise for the Maltalingua pub crawl.

We met at the school, and then went down to the LOVE monument in Spinola Bay to collect Andre, Michael and Jens. It was a nice mixture of new and existing students and Igli, who was coming out for one last farewell. Although the intention was to go from one bar to another, a couple of students were feeling peckish, so we first choose a place where we could eat and drink to kill two birds with one stone.

Everyone was happy with the choice. Some opted to resume their beer drinking, while others preferred to quiet down their stomach grumbles with food… accompanied by beer, of course!  Then we moved on to the next place and the next… but throughout the night, the pub crawl was of course, complemented with a generous serving of English language practice, a few helpings of error correction by myself, and promises to stay in touch in the future.

Written by: Michaela Griscti