Prepositions of place show where things are in relation to each other.. Common prepositions of place include:

  1. In: Indicates being inside a space or area. Example: The cat is in the box.
  2. On: Indicates being in contact with a surface. Example: The book is on the table.
  3. At: Indicates a specific point or location. Example: He’s waiting at the bus stop.
  4. Under: Indicates being beneath or below something. Example: The dog is under the bed.
  5. Above: Indicates being higher than something. Example: The clouds are above the mountains.
  6. Below: Indicates being lower than something. Example: The fish swims below the surface.
  7. Beside: Indicates being next to or alongside something. Example: The lamp is beside the sofa.
  8. Between: Indicates being in the space separating two things. Example: The cat is between the two chairs.
  9. Among: Indicates being surrounded by or within a group of things. Example: He found his keys among the clutter.
  10. Behind: Indicates being at the back or rear of something. Example: The car is parked behind the building.
  11. In front of: Indicates being ahead or before something. Example: The children are playing in front of the house.
  12. Near: Indicates being close or almost at the same point. Example: There’s a park near my house.
  13. Far from: Indicates being distant from something. Example: The store is far from here.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more prepositions of place in English.

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