The cornerstone of any exceptional language education is the quality of its teachers. They are the architects of student success, crafting the learning experience with expertise and passion. At Maltalingua, the teaching staff are not just a group of educators; they are award-winning mentors recognised for their contributions to language teaching. Their accolades are a testament to the high standards of education that Maltalingua upholds.

Spotlight on Award-Winning Educators

Maltalingua takes pride in its cadre of distinguished teachers, each with a unique story and a shared commitment to educational excellence. Profiles of select award-winning educators reveal a diverse team with a range of experience, qualifications, and awards that contribute to the school’s dynamic learning environment.

Jeremy Glass – Winner of the Inspiring ELT Professional Award


6th ELT Professional Award 2019

Paul Atkins – Winner of the Inspiring Professional Award 

Paul has been working in Education and Management for over 20 years. He currently holds the position of Teacher Trainer at Maltalingua where he delivers weekly Continuous Professional Training (CPD) to our teachers aiming at  excellence in the classroom. Paul is a teacher at heart and can also be found in our classrooms helping students improve their English!

Kirstie Attard – Published author 

Kirstie Attard is Maltalingua’s Assistant Director of Studies and the author of the Lyssian Chronicles, available on Amazon! She’s been working at Maltalingua for 9 years where she began her career as a teacher before moving into Academic Management. Her main role is to provide support to teachers and students in the school from the moment they take their placement test to their graduation ceremony at the end of the course. Kirstie has a BA in English from the University of Malta, and an MA in Romantic and Victorian Literary Studies from Durham University, in England. Kirstie is currently doing a DELTA course from Cambridge University to further her skills and expertise. Her passion for writing, as well as her academic background, have been combined when writing course materials for both our junior and adult programmes. Kirstie can be found around the school for support or, if you are lucky, even teaching in your classroom. 


Qualifications and Philosophy

The teachers at Maltalingua  bring with them a philosophy of teaching that prioritises student engagement, tailored instruction, and a passion for language that is infectious. 

 CELTA qualified Teachers!

This year Maltalingua helped 5 of our teachers improve their qualifications by sponsoring their CELTA courses. This Cambridge diploma surpasses the minimum Industry teaching requirements and takes educators to a higher level of teaching, ensuring that every classroom experience is enriched with depth and expertise. Currently, all our core team are CELTA qualified and receive weekly training from both external and internal experts in Education. 

Innovation in the Classroom

Innovation is key in Maltalingua’s approach to language teaching. Educators employ a variety of teaching methods, from leveraging technology in the classroom to incorporating real-world scenarios that enhance the practical use of language. These methods are not just about keeping pace with educational trends but about creating an immersive and effective learning experience.

Transformative Student Experiences

The impact of Maltalingua’s teachers is best told through the stories of the students themselves. Testimonials highlight how teachers have gone above and beyond to support, inspire, and challenge students, significantly influencing their language learning journey and sometimes even their personal growth.

The award-winning teaching staff at Maltalingua are the backbone of the school’s reputation for educational excellence. Their dedication, skill, and innovative approaches to teaching are what make Maltalingua not just a school, but a community of learning.

Meet the teachers who make Maltalingua an outstanding place to learn. Start your journey towards language proficiency with educators who are celebrated for their excellence. Visit our website to learn more about our teachers and the courses they lead.

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