Grammar is the backbone of any language, and understanding what to focus on at each proficiency level is crucial for effective learning. At Maltalingua School of English in Malta, we tailor our English grammar lessons according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels. This ensures that each learner receives the appropriate instruction and support needed to excel. Here’s a guide to what grammar topics are typically covered at each CEFR level, helping you to understand your learning path as you progress.

CEFR Level A1: Beginner

Focus: Basic grammar necessary for very simple interactions.

  • Nouns and Articles: singular/plural forms, definite and indefinite articles.
  • Present Simple: For habits, daily routines, and facts.
  • Prepositions: Basic prepositions of place and time (in, on, at).
  • Questions and Negatives: Formation of yes/no and Wh-questions.

CEFR Level A2: Elementary

Focus: Grammar for simple sentences and frequently used expressions.

  • Past Simple: Regular and irregular verbs.
  • Modal Verbs: Basic modals for ability, permission, and obligation (can, should, must).
  • Comparatives and Superlatives: Simple comparisons (bigger, more interesting).
  • Phrasal Verbs: Introduction to common phrasal verbs.

CEFR Level B1: Intermediate

Focus: Expanding grammar knowledge for expressing broader range of situations.

  • Present Continuous: For current actions and future plans.
  • Past Continuous: For actions in progress in the past.
  • Future Forms: Going to, will, present continuous for future arrangements.
  • Conditionals: Zero and first conditionals for real situations.

CEFR Level B2: Upper-Intermediate

Focus: Complex grammar for discussing varied topics and expressing viewpoints.

  • Modal Verbs: Expanded range including could, would, might.
  • Passive Voice: For describing processes and formal writing.
  • Narrative Tenses: For telling stories using past tenses.
  • Second Conditional: For unreal or hypothetical situations.

CEFR Level C1: Advanced

Focus: Mastery of complex structures and subtleties in the language.

  • Third Conditional: For past hypotheticals and regrets.
  • Mixed Conditionals: Combining different time references.
  • Advanced Passive: Passive forms in different tenses.
  • Subjunctive and Wish Clauses: For wishes, hypotheticals, and formal requests.

CEFR Level C2: Proficiency

Focus: Refining understanding and production of nuanced and sophisticated English.

  • Inversion: For stylistic variations in writing and speaking.
  • Advanced Modal Expressions: Probability, deduction, and speculation.
  • Complex Clauses: Using more than one verb, managing clauses in complex sentences.
  • Cohesive Devices: Linking ideas smoothly across texts.

Learning Resources at Maltalingua

To support your grammar learning at every stage, Maltalingua offers:

  • Interactive Classes: Engage with native speakers and experienced teachers in our interactive, dynamic classes.
  • Customised Worksheets: Practice the specific grammar points relevant to your CEFR level with tailored exercises.
  • Online Resources: Access our extensive online resources, including tutorials, quizzes, and videos, that reinforce your classroom learning.

Join Us for a Structured Learning Experience

Whatever your current level, understanding and mastering grammar are critical steps towards fluency. At Maltalingua, we provide a structured path through the complexities of English grammar based on the CEFR guidelines. Visit our website to learn more about our grammar courses and how we can help you achieve your language goals in the vibrant and historic setting of Malta.

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