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The following expressions look at different aspects of negotiating.

Outlining points for discussion:

What we need to decide on today is

Let’s look at what our options are.

Putting forward proposals:

How about we…?

What I propose is…

Stating consequences:

We’d…, if we did that.

Unless we…


I could offer…

Provided you…

Reaching agreement:

I can live with that.

Summarizing the situation:

So, a quick recap…

Complete this extract from a meeting about negotiating an annual staff trip.

Anton: What we need to (1______) on today is what to do for the staff trip. Let’s look at what our (2______) are.

Carolina: (3______) about we charter a plane to Morocco for a weekend?

Anton: We do have that on our list of options, but (4______) need to stretch the budget if we did that.

Carolina: Yes, you’re right. Bob, how does HR view things? What can you (5______) us?

Bob: Well, the worker’s council always offers a staff trip – so we can’t stop this – but what we (6______) is it should be educational as well as entertaining.

Anton: You mean, (7______) we include something cultural we can choose any of our suggestions?

Bob: Yes. Let’s say you take the Morocco option. (8______) you offer excursions to places of interest as part of the package, HR might veto the whole trip.

Carolina: OK. We can (9______) with that and would organize the trip to comply with HR’s wishes.

Anton: So, a quick (10______) – if …

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