Now that September has begun the temperature has finally dropped slightly, with cool breezy winds sweeping over the islands. We took this opportunity to visit the three cities situated opposite Valletta as in the summer months it is too hot.

With a good turnout of 48 students we all met up at our usual meeting point and with our bus already waiting for us we jumped in and hit the road. Mariella, our licensed tour guide, started off by introducing herself for those students who didn’t know her yet and gave some information about where we were going. She also got the students involved by asking simple questions about Malta and its history.

The three cities being Birgu, Bormla and Isla are situated just across the harbour of Valletta, so 20 minutes later we arrived at our destination. We stopped just outside the entrance of the Birgu waterfront situated next to the Freedom monument just outside the church. Mariella explained that this monument was made for the memorial of when the last of the British troops and Royal Navy left Malta in 1979.

We walked through the narrow streets whilst Mariella continuously talked about different subjects, such as churches, boulders and even signs in the walls made during the second world war. We walked from city to city, as each are touching each other so makes it fairly easy getting across. Stopping for a quick ice-cream and a dink, we then walked over the new bridge which we used to get across from one side of Bormla to another.

With just a few minutes to spare we walked across to Isla where we finished our walk with a spectacular view of the grand harbour in Valletta and also the enormous yachts that stop over in Malta on their voyages, such as the Maltese Falcon. (see the picture below 😉 )