This week in Maltalingua on Tuesday the 16th we took the students out to the capital of Malta, Valletta.  The weather this week was very humid and cloudy so we took this opportunity to walk from our school to the Sliema ferries where we would catch a small ferry that would take us from Sliema to the Marsamxett harbour in Valletta. With the shade given by the clouds, the walk was pleasant and relaxing, and arrived at the ferry well before our 4 o clock trip.

The ferry only takes around 8 minutes and as we disembarked we made our way to the Malts 5D. A 20-minute show in 5D entertainment that goes through the history of Malta, all the way from the time of our temples to the time of the Second World War. This is definitely a must-do for any tourist who visits our islands. After this, we took a very relaxed walk through Valletta stopping at the President’s Palace, the upper gardens which reveal the beautiful view of the grand harbour, and also snapping a few pictures along the way. We then had some spare time for shopping where shortly after we made our way back to Marsamxett and caught the ferry back.

With the weather still very humid and very hot we organised a beach trip to Gnejna Beach in the northwest of Malta on the following Thursday. A very small isolated beach tucked away by the surrounding valleys and cliffs. The group was a very close and bubbly group and on our way there everyone was laughing for one reason or another, bringing smiles all around. As we arrived the students took a glimpse around them, then made their way down to the beach. Some simply laid down their beach towel and relaxed, others jumped straight into the sea whilst me and some guys inevitably Italian kicked around the ball for a couple of minutes. After being covered in sand, we then joined the others who had found a shallow reef where we laid down or pushed each other off 😀

In all another really good week here at Maltalingua, with great students from all over Europe and also Africa, it’s simply just great to spend all this time together and capture these memorable moments with Maltalingua.