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What does it mean to be superstitious? It is based on cultural or religious beliefs often in reference to the supernatural, where certain things can bring bad or good luck. Most countries and cultures around the world have a history of superstitious beliefs, some we all share and others are completely new to us.
One common example is, a black cat crossing your path, which is considered bad luck. Some believe that they are witches in disguise, which dates back to the middle ages, however the fear of a black cat crossing your path is still reminiscent to us today. Most superstitions are considered irrational, and a bit of fun, we have picked our top 10 from around the world! 

superstitious black cat

  1.  Japan 

    In Japan some Hotels will completely skip the 13th floor because the number 13 is considered unlucky.
  2. Russia
    You should never wish someone “Happy Birthday” before it’s their birthday as this brings bad luck.
  3. Germany
    If you say “cheers” with water instead of alcohol then this will bring bad luck and you must always look each other in the eyes. 
  4. France
    It is considered good luck if you step in dog poo, but only with your left foot (with the right one it will bring bad luck!).
  5. Malta
    The traditional fishing boats called Luzzu’s, have eyes on the bow of the boat to ward off evil spirits and protect them at sea.
  6. Britain
    Don’t open umbrellas indoors otherwise the ceiling will fall down.
  7. Portugal
    You must not walk backwards, because apparently it shows the devil which way you are going.
  8. Italy
    Spilling olive oil or salt is said to be bad luck, though to prevent this bad luck you must throw some salt over you left shoulder and dab some olive oil behind your ears!
  9. Brazil
    Apparently putting your purse or handbag on the floor will leave you penniless.
  10. Spain 

    Don’t enter or leave a room with your left foot or it will bring bad luck.

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