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Maltalingua Interviews Tania 
Our Director of Studies

Firstly, we would like to say a long and overdue well done to Tania on becoming the Director of Studies at Maltalingua at the beginning of 2020! We thought this would be a great opportunity to have a chat and get to know you better. 

What is it that made you want to become an English teacher in the first place? 

Well, I know that it sounds cliché, but I actually did not choose teaching, I honestly feel like teaching chose me. Right after I graduated from university, I received a scholarship and I wanted to invest in my education, so I did a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course, which, unknowingly, was my first step into the teaching world. I got a few other jobs after university, but somehow I always ended up going back to teaching English every summer, and I started to enjoy it more and more. When I was around 26 years-old, I already had more years of experience teaching English than anything else I had done before and teaching had become my life. There is a saying “Do what you love, and you will not have to work a day in your life”, and I feel that this really applies to me. I love being in the classroom and meeting people from around the world. It is amazing to see how, we, as human beings, find ways of communicating and understanding each other, and it is very fulfilling to see beginner students walk out of the school having real conversations in English. Now, as a Director of Studies, I get to help other teachers do what they love, and I enjoy every minute of it.

What do you think it takes to be a great English Langauge teacher? 

To teach English you need to be passionate, not only about the language, but also about people. It is important to have a strong academic background to be able to teach the language, but it is also important to understand the different cultures and learning styles of each individual and to be able to deliver varied and inspiring lessons to help everyone get the best out of the lesson. 

What is so appealing about Malta as a destination to learn English?

Malta is a beautiful Mediterranean island. It is very easy to get around the country and visit its idyllic beaches, cliffs and historical places. English is a native language here, which makes Malta a popular destination to learn English for both adult and junior students, so it is the perfect place for students to practise their English and meet new people who share the same goal of learning or improving their English. 

 What would you say are your top tips when it comes to learning English? 

I believe that practice definitely makes perfect, so immersing yourself in the language is key. When you study in a school like Maltalingua, you get to speak English not only in the classroom, but also outside, so you get extended practice in real life situations. Many of our students also stay in our accommodation with other English learners from all around the world, so they get a lot of exposure to the language. It is also important not to be afraid to speak and to just go for it, even if you make mistakes. 

Maltalingua has recently been nominated for a Star Award and was selected out of only 5 schools in the whole of Western Europe. The winner will be announced in 2021, what does the nomination mean for you and the school?

I have been with Maltalingua for three years now and I could not be prouder. People here are so committed to the school and to our students and it is really good to see everyone’s hard work being recognised. We have received awards locally, such as Best Language School in Malta, and it is a great honour to receive this nomination internationally, alongside some of the best schools in Europe.

Speaking to future students why should they choose to come to Maltalingua? 

Maltalingua is an EAQUALS accredited school with 11 out of 12 points of excellence, making Maltalingua one of the highest internationally accredited English language schools worldwide. Our academic programme, powered by National Geographic, is of a very high standard and our native teachers hold the highest qualifications in English teaching. We also have a diverse and well-organised Leisure Programme, which is designed around different areas of interest. Activities can range from social and fun activities, to visiting museums and historic sites. Students get to know the team on their first day and become part of a family while they are here. The students all share the common goal of learning English and spend time together at the school, go on activities together, and sometimes even share their accommodation, so people create very strong bonds in their time here, creating an unforgettable memory.

Maltalingua is a home away from home and the whole atmosphere is just great! I look forward to meeting you here!


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Meet Tania – Maltalingua’s Director of Studies, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating