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Below there is a list of words which are often confused. Some of them have a similar sound but their meanings are completely different.

beside next to
besides in addition to/as well
remind to make somebody remember something
remember to use our memory to recall something
affect to influence something
effect to bring about
permission Consent, authorization
permit a document given permission to do something
raise to lift or elevate an object or to increase something
rise to get up/ move up
shade an area where there is no sun/light
shadow the shape created by the sun or light on an object
wandered to walk around in a casual way
wondered to think in a curious way
loose when something is too big, it doesn’t fit properly
lose when you no longer have something
complement (verb) to make something complete when combined
compliment (noun)  when someone passes an admiring remark
accept To answer “yes” and receive something willingly
except not including/excluding

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