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There are various ways how we can greet and introduce people. The dialogue below will help you familiarise yourself with expressions which are generally used for greetings and introductions in English and examples of how to use them.

(David was walking to his sister’s place when he ran into Mary)

David: Hi Mary, what a nice surprise.
Mary: Yeah I know. I haven’t seen you in ages. How have you been?
David: I’m snowed under.  (I’m very busy) How about you?
Mary: You know, same old same old (informal – nothing has changed-boring/annoyed)
(Mr Kobayashi approaches)

Mary: David, I’d like you to meet my boss, Mr Kobayashi. Mr Kobayashi, this is David Jones, an ex colleague of mine.
David: Nice to meet you.
Mr Kobayashi: Same here
Mary: Mr Kobayashi and I are here at our annual conference. What about you?
David: Oh I see. I’m visiting my sister, as she relocated here last month.
Mary: How good. Give her my regards.
David: Will surely do.
Mary: Ok David, we have to go as the conference is about to start. It was good to see you.
David: Nice seeing you, too. Keep in touch. Mr Kobayashi, it was a pleasure meeting you. Enjoy your conference.
Mr Kobayashi: Thanks. Nice to have met you (formal)
Mary: Thanks. I’ll drop you line (informalwrite to you) when I get back home.
David: Great. Take care.

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