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Read the following text and pay attention to the idioms!

Don’t tell John about the Emily’s party. He can’t keep a secret, he’ll definitely let the cat out of the bag!

Yesterday I had a very relaxed day at work. Today, we’ve had over fifty customers, and it’s not even one o’clock yet! Not to mention, the toilet in the men’s restroom has stopped working and one of my colleagues has called in sick! It never rains, it pours!

Make sure you take an umbrella if you’re going outside. The weather forecast was right. It’s raining cats and dogs!

You should have seen the look on Sandra’s face when I walked into the office with the new necklace that she had wanted to buy. Her face was green with envy.

Two years ago, Jeremy went out with my ex-girlfriend. I haven’t spoken to him since. Last Saturday, we met up and finally buried the hatchet. We’re friends again.

I’m excited about the party on Friday. It’s going to be very formal dress, which means I can wear my new clothes. I’m going to be dressed to the nines.

Michaela is so lazy. She hasn’t been out of the house all day. She’s just been sitting on the couch, watching television. What a couch potato!

The lady next to me on the bus-stop lost her bus-fare and asked me if I’d taken it. I told her I hadn’t seen it, but she kept on insisting. I told her that she was barking up the wrong tree, and I offered to help her look for it.

I didn’t go into work yesterday. I had a headache and a sore throat. Also, my allergies were back. I was really under the weather.

Now try to choose the one correct definition for each idiom.


let the cat out of the bag


it never rains, it pours


raining cats and dogs


green with envy


buried the hatchet


dressed to the nines


couch potato


barking up the wrong tree


under the weather



What was your score? Leave a comment to let us know 🙂