We return back to normal this week in Malta with temperatures reaching 27⁰C. After the treacherous thunderstorms last weekend, the Maltese Islands returned to greenery, with the countryside attracting tourists and locals alike. As the beautiful sun shone over Malta, we took this opportunity to spend some relaxing time horse riding.

The stables are situated in the north west of the Islands, just behind the very well-known, Golden  Bay. With a small group of 6 students, we set off from the urban town of St.Julians, into the wild west of Malta. As the sea came into sight we soon arrived at our destination, where we found Mario the stable owner waiting for us.

I must admit, I am not keen on horse riding, however when everyone was saddled in tightly, we left the stables and began our relaxing journey.  We slowly rode into the Maltese outback, with one horse following another. Horse riding is a lovely experience in this time of the year, as the Maltese country side starts to come to life after the long dry summer.

Three of the students had never been horse riding before, so safety measures had to be taken. In fact, the instructor made sure that the horses were calm, and he guided them all along the route. I followed with the rest of the students. We gradually made our way up the hill side, first having to pass through a slightly busy road, then made our way along a trail in the middle of the Maltese wilderness. The west side of Malta is simply breath-taking, with views of Gozo in the distance and massive cliffs in the calm blue sea. We couldn’t have asked for better weather conditions with blue skies and not a cloud in sight.

Nothing better after a whole day of studying, than the fresh sea air and sun’s rays to simply relax in the peaceful outdoors. The students loved it and had a great time. Mission accomplished. 🙂