Giuseppe 15.15 pm Tuesday 7th is our meeting point today. We will visit the capital of Malta, Valletta. We began our walk of 10 minutes to get to Sliema where we took the ferry to go to Valletta, very short but very funny our little trip. We got off and walked to Malta 5D, a very cute movie with special effects telling the story as Malta was attacked on many occasions and also some images of the beautiful islands. We then walked through the streets of Valletta where we saw the theatre which was destroyed in the war, which is now an open air theatre. Every corner has a little history with beautiful buildings like the Grand Master’s Palace & Armory, where we took a group photo. Inside we visited the garden with a beautiful aroma of flowers, a very big sundial and a music box which plays the Maltese national anthem. We went through the market where in the past you could buy all the fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, fish etc and also buy sweets in a typical Maltese pastry shop.

We reached St.James Cavalier where the Prime Minister’s office is located, then walked to the Upper Barrakka gardens with a beautiful view of the Grand harbour and the three cities. After we returned by different streets to the ferry to return to Sliema.

What I liked the most is how proud Maltese people are of their country. 😀

Jorgelina Cirulli, 38, Spain.