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Speaking one language is a basic necessity but having the ability to speak more, will open up a world of possibilities. With over fifty percent of the world speaking two or more languages, it’s time to expand your horizons and learn to speak the mother tongue of your neighbours. But don’t just take our opinion as a reason to learn a new language, have a look below at three huge benefits language learning can have on your life.

Your brain will thank you

Being multilingual can alter the basic structure of your brain in a positive way. Language learning improves your memory, aids your ability to multitask whilst continuously delaying the effects of diseases associated with memory loss such as dementia. If you go to the gym to help keep your body fit, why not practise a language to keep your brain fit!

Travel to your heart’s content

We often find ourselves in an unknown land needing someone to help you but relying on google translate to do the talking. Although this can help in that moment, imagine having the ability to express yourself clearly in another lands native tongue.

Hello, employability!

Employers often look for that special something that sets you apart from the crowd. Businesses today are often globally situated on both sides of the pond. With this in mind those who are bilingual or multilingual, especially in the diverse world we are part of today, will naturally have the edge.

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