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Are you putting off learning English….why wait? 

Starting something new is always difficult, especially taking that first step. You might consider giving up before you even start, but it’s important to remember these points and not be too hard on yourself.

am I good enough

“I don’t have time to learn English, I’m so busy”

Unfortunately, learning a language can’t be done overnight. It takes time and effort. Implementing small tasks in your daily routine can help. Here are some ideas: call an English-speaking friend, relax with a TV series, follow a recipe in English, read a magazine on your break, download an app on your mobile to play during your commute or listen to podcasts on the go.

“I’ll never be able to speak without making mistakes”

Here’s some reassuring news for you, even native speakers make grammatical mistakes regularly. This means that 100% accuracy is impossible. Furthermore, mistakes are valuable in learning a language. Only when we make mistakes and learn to correct them do we improve. You are less likely to make the same mistake twice.

“I’m too old to learn English”

While there’s evidence to prove that it’s easy for young brains to absorb a language, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for older learners. Your life experience, knowledge of your own language and commitment to a goal are equally useful tools that children do not have. Some say it’s easier for kids to learn languages because they don’t have ‘a fear of failure.’ Adults too can bring this open and confident attitude to their English lesson.

“I hated school, I don’t want to go back to studying grammar in a classroom.”

Don’t let grammar put you off learning English. Many students with great knowledge of grammar struggle to form a sentence or chat in English. It is only through communication that this level of confidence, comprehension and fluency can be achieved. At Maltalingua the lessons are dynamic and interactive, you won’t feel like you’re back at school.

“There are so many difficult accents that are impossible for me.”

Just as 100% accuracy is impossible, 100% comprehension is also an unachievable goal. In the UK alone there are more than 100 different accents. You might be surprised to hear that native English speakers also share this problem when speaking to people from other parts of the country. Think about your own language; you don’t always understand every single word in songs or when chatting to someone with a different accent but overall, you understand the message.

So, what’s the worst that can happen? 
Yes, it will take some commitment, yes, you will make mistakes and most importantly yes, you are good enough! 
We all have to start somewhere, so start with Maltalingua School of English. Not only will you receive an award-winning education in an award-winning school, but you will also get to experience a new culture and the joys of learning English in Malta, a beautiful Mediterranean Island!  


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