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If you are looking for a stunning natural swimming pool with the most beautiful scenery and light green colours, you should go to Saint Peter’s Pool, in the south of Malta.
But you also need to like walking in dust, laying on rocks and have no opportunity to find shade.
That said, I would like to say – book the tour! It is a good way to let off steam after a hard day in school. And you don´t care about the bus tour, the heat and the walk in the dust when you see the beautiful nature and clear water. As soon as I saw the view, I forgot all about it.
Personally I went because of the social life, the view and the sunbathing. But many of the other students where crazy about the water and there are a lot of possibilities to jump into the sea from a few meters up, or maybe go snorkelling in the beautiful water. The best thing for me was to see how people where enjoying their day. No matter where you come from and which language you speak, there is a fellowship which cannot be explained. Everyone was so happy and I loved hearing everyone cheering on each other, when they tried to be brave enough to jump into the water.
We went back with the bus and everyone was very quiet, because they had used so much energy.
So if you want to go to a location without many tourist and enjoy a day with your new friends, you should go to Saint Peter’s Pool with the school, I would definitely like to recommend it.

Mette Lykke Hansen, age 26

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Trip to Saint Peter’s Pool with Maltalingua , 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings