We were all set for another night of karaoke, and this one was the big one.  We’ve always found it to be popular in the past, but this particular karaoke event had the biggest turnout to date, around 45 students and 5 teachers.  Both students and staff were excited and couldn’t wait to start belting out tunes.

We eagerly arrived at the bar, some of us ordered drinks, while others started dancing the night away to the beats the DJ was playing. Every table in the bar was taken by our students, and everything was going to plan – great atmosphere and certain to be awesome evening. Then, the nightmare began – we found out that the karaoke machine had stopped working. We had two options: we could have either simply enjoyed the night in each others’ company over some drinks and chats, or improvise and go for plan B. Too bad, we didn’t have a back-up plan.

Luckily Michael took action the moment he arrived and came up with plan B in an instant by searching for another karaoke bar in the vicinity. After a couple of trial and errors, he was successful and managed to find a bar just right around the corner. So we quickly gathered all the students to tell them the great news. Needless to say, everyone was ecstatic to find out our initial plan to sing along to some great tunes was not ruined. So we all happily went to the newly found Irish karaoke bar, where we were welcomed with a lively atmosphere. We literally filled the bar – leaving no space for any newcomers to take our place on the stage! We all drank, danced and had a fantastic time till the early hours of the morning. This was truly a great karaoke event, revisited in every sense of the word!

Written by: Michaela Griscti