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NEW IN 2018: Online lessons for Maltalingua students

The classroom as we know it is changing. People are busier than ever and the digital world is bringing students and teachers together around the globe! Although learning English in an English speaking country is a great option to improve fast, not everyone has the time and the money to travel to another country!

Online lessons are a great option for professionals and students with busy lives or people who simply want the convenience of learning from home from Monday to Sunday. Let’s face it. Learning on Skype is very comfortable. There is no travel time, no rush hour stress and after the lesson, you can simply get on with your life! If this weren’t enough, the lesson times are flexible so the timetable can change every week. Students can even stop their lessons during busy periods, or simply to go on holiday.

ILE English

So, what are the main differences between online lessons and a mainstream course? Well, you can’t really touch the teacher online, but hopefully, you wouldn’t be doing that in a normal classroom anyway! You see the teacher, hear the teacher, and get all the free material via Skype. You can open the lesson document and make notes on the word document directly, and all the new words and tips that your teacher gives you will be saved automatically in your chat.

During the 45 minute-lesson, the teacher will be focused on YOU! Although we also do group lessons, most of our students book private online lessons. This means that the student can request to study a specific topic. If you have to prepare a presentation or prepare for a job interview, your teacher can help you do so! We are not a physical school, therefore we don’t have to pay for extra expenses like normal schools do. This means that your lessons are cheaper!

What about my teachers? All the teachers are carefully selected and internationally qualified! Teachers are people just like you, so it’s also convenient for them to teach online! Some teachers work in physical schools and also do online lessons to complement their timetable! At ILE our mission is to make sure that both teachers and students are happy and working together to achieve the most important goal of all – helping you improve your English in the best possible way!

For the reasons above and because we know how important it is to practise the English language constantly in order to maintain a certain level of fluency, Maltalingua school decided to team up with ILE, an online English platform, in order to offer all Maltalingua students the opportunity to continue on their English learning journey, even after leaving the school in Malta.
So, if you want to step into the future, try ILE’s online lessons. Maltalingua’s introductory offer is only 95EURO for 5 general English lessons!

Come and meet our ILE teachers and some of your Maltalingua teachers who also teach online! What are you waiting for? Discover more here!

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