Thanks to our student Malte for writing this nice post 🙂

Today, Wolfgang and I went to the national football stadium of Malta. We saw the game Malta against Bulgaria. When we went by bus to the stadium we didn’t see that many people. First when we were standing in front of the stadium we saw a big group of people. The stadium was very modern and I was very surprised by this. After a little bit of trouble with the tickets (the scanner didn’t accept my ticket) we got into the stadium.

At first, as good german guys, we bought ourselves beer and pizza. Then looking for our seats, was a little adventure, because the seats had no number. After we sad down, we looked around and we didn’t see many people. We were surprised because we thought Malta was a football loving country. When the game started, we thought there was about 3.500 people in the stadium, which was crazy because there were seats for 17.797 people.

We had a good mix of Maltese and Bulgarian fans. 9 minutes later the Bulgarian scored the first goal. The Maltese gave it their all, but they were not better than the Bulgarians. I enjoyed watching the Maltese team so much, that I bought an official Maltese jersey during halftime. In minute 59 of the game, the Maltese defence made a lot of mistakes and the Bulgarians scored their second goal very easily.

The last 20 minutes of the game only Malta was in the offence and in the 78th minute they scored the equalising goal. The game ended and Bulgaria win 2:1, Malta played better than Bulgaria, but with 2 shots that hit the post and 2 very close headers over the goal, but they had bad luck.

I’am glad that I saw this game and want to see another game soon.