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Indirect Questions – English lesson with quiz

students learning about indirect question in English
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CEFR English level

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A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

Read the following text:


Hello, Maltalingua School of English. How may I help you?


Hello, yes. I wonder if you could give me some information about your afternoon lessons.


Yes of course.


I’d like to know what the lesson times are for the afternoon lessons.


Our afternoon intensive lessons begin at 1:30PM and finish at 3:00PM.


Could you tell me the maximum number of students per class?


The maximum number of students per class is twelve students.


Twelve students! That’s great! I’ll have lots of people to speak to. Do you know if the teacher is from England?


We have teachers from all over the world. They’re all qualified and they all speak very clearly.


That sounds good. Do you think you could tell me when the next course begins?


We have a new course starting every week. Would you like to book a starting date?

Look at the indirect questions used to make polite requests:

You can use indirect questions when you are making polite enquiries. Direct questions can sometimes sound impolite.

Begin indirect questions with introduction + (‘if’ or question word) + indirect question.

Do you know if he wants to go direct?

Here are some common introductions to indirect questions:

I wonder…

I’d like to know…

Could you tell me…?

Do you think you could tell me…?

Change the questions below into indirect questions. Use different introductions.


Where can I buy an American or English newspaper?


How many cinemas are there in the town?


What time do the banks open in the morning?


Is there an internet café in the city centre?


Which restaurant is the best in town?


Are there any non-smoking restaurants near here?


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