Welcome to another free English lesson from Maltalingua. Today you will be focusing on the colours.

This lesson is aimed at students learning English at Pre-Intermediate level or above.

Richard of York gave battle in vain.

What does this mean?

Richard – Red
Of – Orange
York – Yellow
Gave – Green
Battle – Blue
In – Indigo
Vain – Violet

In this video, we are joined by a guest star: Richard of York. We introduced the colours and coloured him in with a very stylish look. Learn the rhyme and remember your colours!

Primary Secondary
Red Orange
Yellow Purple ( indigo/violet )
Blue Green

If we mix the primary colours together, we get the secondary colours. For example:

  • If we mix red (primary) and yellow (primary) we get orange (secondary).
  • If we mix blue (primary) and yellow (primary) we get green (secondary).
  • If we mix blue (primary) and red (primary) we get purple (secondary).

As we all know pronunciation is very important in English. We can group colours that have similar pronunciation patterns so that they are easier to study, as you can see in our video.


Remember that colours are adjectives.

Question: Where do we put an adjective?

Answer: Before the noun.


A red pen
A blue T-shirt
A yellow banana

Now that you have a better understanding of the colours of the rainbow, use these words to make your English language a little more colourful. Make sure to check out our video for a fuller explanation, given by our CELTA-qualified teachers Abbie and Brian.