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When is the best time to learn a language? When you are young and having fun? Absolutely! Your child has spent the school year studying English but now is the time to put it all into practise. A language goes far beyond the secondary school classroom. Language is a part of culture and it’s time to let your child learn in a fun and engaging way.

So, why is summer the perfect time to learn a language? For adolescents lucky enough to have the summers off, it can often be difficult to keep boredom at bay. It’s the perfect time to fill those hours with developing skills. Immersion in any language will always intensify the learning process. Studies from MIT have found that to gain a native-like knowledge of grammar and proficiency in a language the best time to begin learning is about 10 years old. Combine that with free summer days, socialising and making new friends, there really is no better time to start.

Maltalingua offers a junior program which combines language learning with activities. Children from the age of 8+ and teenagers spend their mornings in the classrooms engaging in all the skill sets associated with language learning. Lessons are student-centered with the main aim of getting everyone talking as much as possible. Whether it’s grammar or vocabulary, students will continuously be communicating with one another. After 3 intense but enjoyable hours, it’s time to put those new skills into real-world practise whilst exploring and having fun in the beautiful, sun-soaked islands of Malta and Gozo.

Ready to begin your language learning adventure abroad? Check out the junior website for more information.

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