On Friday 22 April, Maltalingua celebrated its 10th anniversary. 10 years of learning English, 10 years of friendships, 10 years of laughter, 10 years since the incredible Maltalingua adventure began…

Things were not done lightly, everything was organized so that everyone had a good time.
As soon as you entered the school you were immersed in the party atmosphere with an arch of balloons in the Maltalingua colors, blue and yellow. At the reception, balloons forming the 10-year anniversary floated in the air.

But the biggest show was upstairs, on the rooftop, which was also decorated with balloons in Maltalingua colors. At 4pm everyone gathered on the rooftop to enjoy a buffet and unlimited drinks with friends.
The Maltalingua staff was happy to welcome each and every student who came to participate in the party, to discuss and reminisce together. The teachers were also present, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the school but also spending a special moment with their students, discussing and sharing. The sun itself was present, bringing sunshine to the party place, all to the rhythm of the music.

To quench the appetite of each guest you had the choice of sweet or savory, depending on your preference… As well as soft drinks, wine, and beer to accompany it all, served by Mark Holland himself, owner and founder of the school, and his son.
What an incredible moment to share all this together, all the members of Maltalingua together with the students, sharing a convivial moment in honor of Maltalingua and all its years of existence.

The centerpiece of the buffet was the chocolate cake, with the inscription Happy Birthday. But before eating it, Mark gave a speech, personally thanking Tania the Director, Ashley the Head of Marketing, and Julian the Coordinator Manager, for their incredible work at the school and the efforts they put into it every day.

Some even took the opportunity to take a dip in the pool, because yes, that’s what being in Malta in April is like, not even cold!

The party ended at 8pm after having spent an unforgettable moment together engraved in the history of Maltalingua.