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In English you will come across lots of idioms that can be related to business situations;

  • Put your foot in it – make a big mistake
  • Fired – lose your job
  • On that ball – clever person, knows what’s going on
  • Give you a piece of my mind – talk to you very directly
  • Pass the buck – pass responsibility to other people
  • Track record – Experience
  • Success goes to your head – begin to have too important an opinion of yourself
  • Play your cards right – make the right decisions
  • Lose your touch – make mistakes
  • Up to your eyes in work – too many things to do
  • Put you in the picture – tell you what is going on
  • Good nose for a sale – natural salesman

Put the following sentences in numerical order. For example Question 4 > Answer is 1.

[QTL-Question id=58]


[QTL-Question id=59]


[QTL-Question id=60]


[QTL-Question id=61]


[QTL-Question id=62]


[QTL-Question id=63]