A Maltalingua student interview by Katrin Risiott (EFL Teacher)

Was this your first time studying English abroad?
In the past, I have studied English abroad, but this was the first time I studied English in Malta, and it was also the first time I had English lessons at a very small school. It was a very different experience at Maltalingua.  I really liked the methods of teaching and was able to practise English in every class.
What were your expectations of Malta?

I had the idea that Malta was a very tiny island, but there are many things to do and I regret not seeing more of it. Also, I never expected students to be so interested in learning a language, especially in summer! I was very surprised that people took their lessons seriously. I am not saying that nobody partied, but most of us found time for everything.

What did you think of the school?
Maltalingua is a very small school and it is easy for students to get to know everybody there. At first I was shocked, as I had expected it to be much bigger, but I soon realised that this was a good thing. I felt like part of the Maltalingua family, with the students and also the members of staff.

How would you describe your experience in class?
On the whole, I think that the lessons were very good. I like the idea of having different teachers throughout the whole day. This helped me understand the English language better, through different teachers with different teaching techniques. The students and teachers were very friendly.

What did you learn?
I learned that I don’t need to translate words into German and to use examples. I also learned a lot of new expressions in English. I think my pronunciation has improved a little bit too and I am surprised that I am now able to understand people who speak English with different accents.
I also think that sharing an apartment with other students was really good. I tried to speak English as much as possible and I made friends with people from different countries. The Maltalingua teachers and staff also helped me to improve at the school and in the social activities.

Did you join any of the school activities during your stay?
Yes I think I attended most of them. I particularly enjoyed the football match. It was originally planned to take place on the beach but some of us took this game very seriously and Michael, the Director booked a football pitch.
Another Maltese event I really liked was the Festa in Msida. I never expected to make friends with Maltese people, but I did. They are friendly and very open-minded people.
The activity I enjoyed the most was karaoke. I will always remember the students and teachers singing together! I will always remember the great times I had with other students from Maltalingua, the teachers and members of staff there and a Maltese family, my new family in Malta.

What other things do you think helped you improve your English?
I think the karaoke sessions helped me a lot along with listening to English songs also watching movies in English.  I tried to learn new words everyday and practise with friends as much as possible.

What will you most remember about Malta and Maltalingua?
I have many memories to cherish. I have made friends with many people from different places. I also have a good impression of Malta, so much so that I want to visit it again.

Student details

Name: Dino Jansen
Age: 20
Nationality: German
Study time: 5 weeks (July/August 2012)
Course: General English Intensive (30 lessons per week)
English level (at start of course): Upper Intermediate (B2)
English level (at end of course): Advanced (C1+)