Malta the little big planet!

I just stayed 5 weeks in Malta, but honestly it was amazing. Even if Malta is such a small island, it was the right decision to practise my English in this country.  There are so many different aspects why I would come back to this wonderful place. Firstly the weather is one of the main reasons. In 5 weeks there was not any rain. The sun was shining every day, while I was laying on the beach under the royal blue sky.

But there is not just the sea. It is also allowed to swim in the school pool of Maltalingua. I had a lot of fun especially every Monday when the directors and the teachers just wanted to swim.

There were also the English lessons with my teachers Katrin, Mariella and Ilene. At the first day I had to show my fantastic skills   in a kind of test. So you can find out your English level. My level was B2, so Katrin was my teacher in the morning. First every student was very quiet, but our teacher tried to speak to every student. So I had not any chance!

Speaking is a very important point in that small language school. Therefore it is very easy to find new friends and meet interesting people from all over the world. We were like a big community or family (also the teacher). In fact the school is very small, but especially this fact is a big advantage of Maltalingua. You are not just a number of many people …you are the number! The number ONE! While I stayed in Malta I knew every person from the school.

Back to the topic! In the lessons there are not only discussions. We also took a view on grammar or pronunciation. We worked in teams or pairs and had a lot of fun.

When the sun goes down, Malta shows its nightlife. I remember really funny karaoke nights with Yutaka, Dino, Katrin, Michael, Susanne, Michaela, Tess and many other people. After karaoke we usually went to the clubs and bars. And after that to McDonalds. That was incredible!!!

All in all there are too many places you have to visit. Comino and the blue lagoon was a highlight, the different beaches and Valletta were also great. But there are much more interesting places I did not visit. So I have to come back someday. Thanks everyone for such a great time. I am still missing my Maltese family. See you soon.

Student details

Name: Cedric Purr
Study time:
5 weeks (July/August 2012)
General English Intensive (30 lessons per week)
English level (at start of course):
Upper Intermediate (B2)
English level (at end of course):
Advanced (C1+)