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Dancing has always been one of my favourite things to do in my free time. I don’t just consider it as a hobby, it is a passion. So, the moment I came across a poster advertising free salsa lessons at a local café-bar in St Julian’s, I couldn’t resist mixing business with pleasure and I must admit I have no regrets!

I immediately designed and printed a poster advertising Maltalingua’s very own Salsa night, and stuck it on our activities notice board to tempt as many students as possible. No sooner had I put the poster up, that students started signing up. It worked. On the night, most of the students turned up for this event. Together, we headed towards the location where the free salsa lessons were taking place.

On the way towards the café-bar, I had to make a quick stop… it was an emergency! My shoe strap got torn and I couldn’t walk in them, let alone dance. Thankfully, a souvenir shop was still open and I bought a pair of shoes to make my outfit complete… again.

We finally made it to the café-bar and were greeted by the friendly salsa teacher, Edward (or should I say Edouardo!). He invited us to join the group of people who were already lined up to dance, however many of the students were reluctant at first. They were a little apprehensive but my feet were itching. I so wanted to dance to that tempting rhythm. So while the students quenched their thirst with a fruity cocktail, I managed through the first dance with two left feet. After that, the students needed no persuasion. They all joined and everybody was swaying their hips from side to side.

The Latin music filled the air, people’s laughter could be heard in the background and smiles were plastered all over the students’ faces. Two students in particular, Gabriele and Martina, didn’t stop dancing. They mamboed and rhumbaed all evening until it was time for them to drag us to the dance floor to take part in a routine designed for a big group… bachata!

Our salsa night lasted about three hours. We spent the evening dancing with merry faces and happy feet to the upbeat rhythm. The event was a great success, so much so, that we couldn’t stop talking about it. In fact, it was another topic we discussed in class the following Monday.

Written by Katrin Risiott

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