As we neared the end of summer, we thought ‘what’s summer without a barbecue on the roof at the school?’ Students and staff started gathering together upstairs, enjoying the cool summer breeze, whilst waiting for the food to cook. We cracked open a bottle (or two!) of wine, and were chatting away with our colleagues and students, whilst hearing the sizzling sound of meat on the grill.  A good number of students including the newcomers showed up and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to socialise with the Maltalingua family.

Before we knew it, the food was ready and we were all hungrily waiting in a queue to pile on sizeable portions on our plates. The aroma was very tantalizing and there was a tempting selection of refreshing salads and tasty grilled meat. The assortment of salads included coleslaw, mixed Mediterranean vegetables’ salad and pasta salad. The choice of meat was equally as mouth-watering and included the mandatory frankfurters and beef burgers as well as marinated chicken legs.  Quite a few of us couldn’t resist second helpings!

The atmosphere was so chilled out, and what’s more, none of us were short of words, as we related hilarious stories to one another.  As usual, Katrin recounted various anecdotes to us, in the comical and animated way she knows how to. Needless to say, we were all in stitches.

Despite the quantity of food eaten, we had our fair share of abdominal exercises with all the laughter, so the calories taken in were surely spent! Cliché as it might sound, time literally flew by, no sooner than we arrived, it was already time to say goodbye.  I can’t think of a better way of ending the season with an aroma of delicious barbecued meat accompanied with a glass of chilled white wine or a can of ice cold beer…

Written by Katrin Risiott