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There are lots of examples of colour idioms in English and here are some of them:

  1. Black sheep  (of a family) – a person who is an embarrassment to a family or group
  2. in black and white – in writing, officially
  3. out of the blue – to happen suddenly and unexpectedly
  4. once in a blue moon –  to occur rarely
  5. black and blue – bruised
  6. to have the blues–  to be sad or depressed
  7. to be green – inexperienced
  8. green with envy – full of envy
  9. grass is always greener on the other side – you always want what you don’t have
  10. green light – to be given permission
  11. to be in the red – in debt
  12. to catch someone red-handed –to catch someone in the middle of doing something wrong
  13. as white as a sheet – very pale, frightened
  14. a white lie – an innocent lie so as not to harm someone’s feelings
  15. in the dark – unaware

Now fill in the blanks with suitable words in the quiz. Have fun!

created by Tess Giordmaina

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