Have you ever been in a foreign country and struggled to decipher a menu because of a lack of language skills? This is a problem many people encounter and often pointing and trying to mime just won’t work. English is one of the most useful languages globally for tourists and even just mastering the basics can help you get by in both English and non-English speaking countries.

You may get lucky and come across a speaker of your native language when you’re travelling but the chances are that if you wish to communicate with the locals, you’re going to need some English skills. Part of the charm when travelling is not only exploring a destination’s natural beauty and historical monuments but also experiencing its culture, traditions and heritage. All of this suddenly becomes a lot more accessible if you can communicate in a common language.

Why do people travel? One of the most common reasons is surely to meet like-minded people in exotic locations and share common experiences with these new friends. Yet how to make new friends, talk to strangers and express opinions without a common language? English language skills open doors when travelling, wherever in the world you may be, just ask anyone who has found a friend for life in a Cambodian hostel or shared good conversation in a backpackers bar in Melbourne. The ability to make these connections enhances your travelling experience and gives you living, breathing reminders of your time in a particular place.

How do you decide where to travel and review the destinations on your return? There are hundreds of travel blogs allowing users to share their experiences but a great number of these are written in…you’ve guessed it…English! Many travel blogs such as tripandtravelblog.com  are inspiring young tourists to travel and offering practical advice on destinations, all made possible with English language skills!