Comino from aboveDiscovering Comino

This week our leisure team organised a tour of the island of Comino, which is located in between Malta and Gozo. 

Comino is a paradise for tourists and locals alike, divers and snorkelers, kayakers and campers and also for those who simply want to bathe in the natural blue lagoon and the turquoise and azure waters. 

Comino is only 3.5 km wide and is virtually uninhabited, making this island a haven for explorers. Centuries ago part of the island broke away during a storm creating the lagoon that has made Comino so famous, with its sandy sea bed and crystal clear water, it’s a must-visit whenever you are visiting Malta and it is one of the most instagrammable places in Malta! 

Santa Maria Caves
Activity of the week 

During the tour of Comino, our students were picked up from Mellieha bay and taken on a boat ride around the top end of Malta and across the channel to Comino. The tour continued along the south of Comino exploring the rugged coastline and up towards the Santa Maria Caves in the North East of the island. From there, they continued towards the Blue Lagoon where they were dropped off, ready for a swim! The tour continued on foot to Crystal Bay, a short walk from the Blue Lagoon. Our students were able to spend their time freely, before climbing aboard and returning to the mainland in, late afternoon. 

Maltalingua offers an extensive activity programme to keep our students culturally stimulated and entertained throughout their English language course. It is a fantastic way to build up confidence and make friends as well as appreciating all that the Maltese islands have to offer. 

Jumping in the sea