It was the eve of another activity, one more hectic week had soon come to a close, and the agenda for our Friday evening was to go out to eat for dinner at the Valletta Waterfront. To my disappointment however, there weren’t as many students on the sign-up sheet as anticipated. This was a concern I told Michael (Maltalingua’s Director of Studies) about, who quickly took it upon himself to promote this activity to our students. I knew his enthusiasm would work, but I didn’t think it would triple the amount of students attending! Before we knew it, there was literally no space for students to write any more of their names on the list, I actually had to cram in a few more names at the top and bottom of the page! We even needed to book two coaches to ensure everyone had the usual two-way transportation and was seated comfortably.

The evening commenced at the usual meeting place, in front of the school premises. Most of the students were already keenly waiting for me to take attendance and collect the money for transport. Isabelle was kind enough to help me count heads and check who still needed to show up. No sooner had we finished checking attendance and collecting the money, the transport picked us up and we arrived in Valletta. I admit, I was slightly worried as to whether we would find a place that would cater for 24 people, on such short notice, so we promptly went to try our luck at a couple of restaurants. I wasn’t hopeful, since we didn’t have a booking and it appeared to be a rather busy Friday night. Nevertheless, in the worst case scenario, we had a backup plan, and would have easily walked to the Upper Barraka Gardens, where there was the second Winefest of summer taking place.

Fortunately, we managed to find a restaurant that was willing to set up tables for us outdoors. They gathered and laid half a dozen tables, and we were very impressed with their service and organization and to top it all off, there was a great variety of food and it was all absolutely delicious! Eva and Isabelle chose to take an American Style baked pasta dish, whilst Ramona decided on a mushroom risotto. Others like myself, opted for the lighter (and supposedly healthier) choice of salad. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves over food, beverages and wine. It was a pleasant way to end the week and start the weekend. Benjamin amongst others, was enjoying himself so much, that they decided to remain there. To be perfectly honest I didn’t blame them for wanting to stay. The ambience was simply beautiful. The glittering water and well lit up buildings, decorated with colourful lights that surrounded us all evening, were characteristics that made this night all the more welcoming.

I must say that this was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening, and certainly a great way to kick off the weekend, on a nice and breezy summer eve.

written by Michaela Griscti