Language education is a journey that not only opens doors to new cultures and opportunities

Eaquals Conference 2024

but also expands the horizons of personal and professional growth. At the heart of this journey is the quality of education provided, which is where EAQUALS (Evaluation & Accreditation of Quality in Language Services) comes into play. EAQUALS is an international leader in accreditation for language learning organisations, known for its stringent quality standards. In this context, Maltalingua stands out as a beacon of excellence, having earned the prestigious EAQUALS accreditation for its language courses.

EAQUALS Accreditation: A Mark of Quality

EAQUALS accreditation is not just a badge; it’s a promise of quality. It signifies that a language school has met or exceeded high standards in areas such as teaching, course design, school management, and student care. For a school to earn this accreditation, it must undergo a rigorous evaluation process that scrutinizes every aspect of its operations. 

Maltalingua’s Quest for Excellence

Maltalingua’s journey to achieving EAQUALS accreditation is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality. Firstly accredited in 2014, the process involved a comprehensive self-assessment followed by an external audit conducted by EAQUALS inspectors. This ensured that Maltalingua not only met the required standards but also aligned with best practices in language education. In the most recent visit in 2022, Maltalingua was re-accredited and awarded with multiple points of excellence. 

The yearly EAQUALS conference brings together schools, service providers and language  expertsfrom around the world. Below you can see a few images of the excellent seminars held in Lisbon this April, attended by Maltalingua. Each talk was a great opportunity to stay up to sate with the latest news in the field of Education. a Big thank you to EAQUALS for organising this excellent event!

Eaquals Conference 2024

Meeting Rigorous Standards

The criteria for EAQUALS accreditation are extensive. Maltalingua had to demonstrate excellence in areas such as curriculum development, teacher qualifications, student services, and ethical practices. This holistic approach ensures that every student receives the highest standard of education.

Voices of Success: Student Testimonials

The true measure of Maltalingua’s success can be found in the experiences of its students. Many have shared glowing testimonials about the transformative impact of their education. They speak of engaging lessons, skilled teachers, and an environment that fosters learning and growth.


Enhanced Learning Experiences and Outcomes

EAQUALS accreditation doesn’t just elevate a school’s reputation; it enhances the actual learning experience. Students at Maltalingua benefit from clear learning objectives, well-structured courses, and assessment methods that truly reflect their language development. This leads to tangible outcomes, such as improved proficiency and greater confidence in using the language.

Choosing an accredited language school is crucial for anyone serious about mastering a new language. Maltalingua, with its EAQUALS accreditation, represents the pinnacle of language education. By selecting Maltalingua, students can be assured of a learning experience that is not only enriching but also internationally recognized for its excellence.

Don’t settle for less in your language learning journey. Explore Maltalingua’s accredited courses today and take the first step towards excellence. Visit our website to find out more about how our EAQUALS-accredited programs can help you achieve your language goals.