The Blue Grotto is simply one of the nicest places to be visited in Malta. Just like the Blue Lagoon, it takes its name from the crystal blue waters it offers. The Blue Grotto is located at the very south of Malta but unlike the Blue Lagoon which is a bay, the Blue Grotto is an inlet cave. There are a number of caves which can be visited by boat.

With sunny weather over the Maltese islands it is an ideal activity for the students. The location is a 30 minute drive away from the school and once we reached the location you can really feel a change in the environment.

As we arrived you can immediately see Filfa, one of Malta’s islands just a few kilometres away. We quickly got our boat tickets and where put into groups of eight, each small boat behind another. The driver of the boat was a relatively old man who had been working there for over 40 years. He explained as best as he could as we went from cave to cave.

The formation of the caves and the clearness of the water are an amazing spectacle. Each cave has a different shape creating different colour effects reflected off the water. After the visit was over we headed back to shore and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon swimming in the cool clean waters.

The students really had a good time because it is just such a nice place and I definitely recommend anyone visiting Malta to visit the Blue Grotto.

Written By Julian