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On Tuesday the 26th of August Maltalingua organised a trip to Mdina as one of our popular weekly activities. The guided historical tours are always very popular but never before have we had a 53 strong group of international students all out on a tour.

With such a large amount of students I tagged along with Mariella, (our teacher and licensed tour guide) to help her out and just to make sure we didn’t lose anybody 😉 After a 5 minute delay for that one student we set off, a bus full of multilingual nations all talking about different subjects, whilst Mariella started off her speech.

Just 20 minutes later we arrived at the beautiful gate of Mdina, jumped out of our bus and followed Mariella. She immediately started talking about the history of Mdina and how Mdina is also known as “The Silent City”.  It’s always interesting to see different characters out on activities. The younger students seemed to be more interested in taking pictures of each other in front of medieval doors and arches.

We made our way through the narrow streets of Mdina whilst Mariella stopped regularly explaining different architectural artifacts and continued walking to the bastions of Mdina, revealing the beautiful views.

Shortly after we stopped for some drinks and light snacks and made our way back whilst passing in front of the spectacular St. Paul’s Cathedral, a perfect opportunity for taking group photos and of course selfies.

We made our way back to the gate and waited for our bus. None of the students knew that such a place could still exist, it’s like traveling through time, a truly great experience for everyone out that day and definitely worth the visit, guaranteed.

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A guided tour in Mdina, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings