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Everybody enjoys a good meal in a nice restaurant. Especially when we’re on holiday! These are some common words that we can use at a restaurant:

  1. Menu – a list of the food and drinks with the prices (it shows you what you can order)
  2. Chef – this person cooks your food (not a cooker!)
  3. Dish – food that is cooked / prepared in a special way
  4. Bill – the piece of paper with all the food and drink you ordered (you pay this after)
  5. Order – ask for food and drink (you tell this to the waiter / waitress)
  6. Tip – extra money for the service
  7. Waiter / waitress – he/she brings you the food and drink

Now try the quiz. Fill in the blanks with restaurant vocabulary.


This restaurant has a very good salad ______________.


The ______________ has some very good choices, especially in the ‘Starters’.


How much should I ______________ the waiter? Is it 10% or 15%?


The ______________ was very smartly-dressed.


The waiter said, “Are you ready to ______________?”


We have a new ______________. He is from Malta, but he used to cook for the Queen!


The waiter said, “Can I get you anything else? A coffee?”
I replied, “No, thank you. Just the ______________, please.”



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What was you score? Leave a comment to let us know. And if you have any questions about restaurant vocabulary you can ask them in the comments too!