As one of the highlights in this week’s activities Maltalingua decided to organise a badger karting grand prix – one of my personal favourites!

Badger karting is an activity that generally attracts the attention of the guys however it was nice to see a variety of people joining, it just makes the activity more fun.

The location of the event is in the centre of Malta in a small village called Ta Qali, situated next to the national football stadium. It only took us 20 minutes to arrive at the venue from our school, luckily for us on the way our taxi driver gave us a taste of Maltese driving!!

Building up a great vibe as we get closer and closer like little kids on a school outing, we arrived : )

Itching to get into the carts the students were explained the rules and race, jumped in, couple photos and, off they go.

Whilst I took some photos, it’s always interesting for me to find out who the fast drivers are and those who are less fast. Even funnier when a student spins out as a result of another student pushing them into the tire wall!! Saftey checks in place – no one got hurt.

Coming in first place was Adrian from Spain, so well done to him, followed by Fa from France in second place and closely after was Antonio from Italy, so well done to them.

Article written by Julian (Activity Organiser)