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5 days left to win a free 2 week English course!

Dorota Bąkowska's hand painted competition entry
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Attention everyone! There are only 5 days left to enter our latest competition. If you do the quiz and leave the best comment you will win a free 2-week English course at Maltalingua with accommodation included! (THE COMPETITION IS FINISHED NOW)

We really appreciate people taking the time to do the quiz and leave comments. So far, we’ve had some great entries.

People have given lots of great reasons why they would like to improve their English at Maltalingua. Some of them mentioned that it would help them with work or university. Others wrote about how they would love to come to Malta, see the spectacular sights, swim in the clear blue sea and soak up some sunshine! (The weather in Malta right now is 26°C and sunny, I might go for a swim after school 😉 )

A few people have really put in a lot of hard work to make their entries stand out from the crowd. We wanted to share the most interesting and creative entries we’ve received so far to help inspire you!

We got this lovely picture from Dorota Bąkowska

 Dorota Bąkowska's hand painted competition entry


This adventurous video (which definitely doesn’t use any Photoshop) from Emilia Szyszko 

Can you make a more creative and interesting entry than these people?
Can you get lots of people to like and share what you make? If yes, we’d love to see what you can do! Just go to our blog’s competition page, do the free quiz and post your comment at the bottom.

And remember, if you really want to come and learn English with us at Maltalingua, but don’t win the competition, we have -25% off our courses until the end of the year. And if you enter the competition you can get an extra -10% off too! (The -10% discount can also be used for 2016 courses).

Let us know what you think of these entries in the comments section below!

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Winner of Maltalingua Smarties Competition!

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Maltalingua TeachersFinally, we have a winner of our Maltalingua Smarties Competition!

It was a tough competition although the rules were very simple; guess how many smarties are in the jar.
We had around 500 participants from all over the world who were eager to win the fantastic prize of a language learning journey! Many entries came to us that was pretty close to the actual total of 15376 smarties; that’s a whole lot of chocolate!

Johana from Caracas in Venezuela won a two week English course, inclusive of accommodation as she guessed closest to the right amount of smarties in the jar; Johana’s lucky guess was 15543.

She is 29 years old and currently studies public accounting at the University of Venezuela. She loves numbers and calculations as well as the beautiful landscape and charming surroundings in which she lives. Johana likes to go to the beach, listen to music and to read.

She is very happy about her prize and can’t wait to start the English course as she received super- positive comments from friends who have previously Johana from Venezuela attended it and she is inspired by pictures of the beautiful island.  Next, to that, Johana is very interested in the cultural diversity and looking forward to the enjoyable climate which is luckily the same as in Venezuela.
Back home she did some research on where is best to learn English and it turned out that she favored the small Mediterranean island not only because of the holiday atmosphere there but also as it offers value for money compared to English courses in the native speaking countries such as England for example. Finally, Johana said, she is looking forward to improving her English enough to be able to stop using google translate – especially as she needed to use the site when she was informed by Maltalingua that she won the competition 😉

We are looking forward to welcoming Johana at our school and hope she will have an unforgettable two weeks here in Malta.

See you soon 🙂

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WIN a language trip – Do Smarties have the answer?

Maltalingua Teachers
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Following on from the success of our Malteser and Pool competition, Maltalingua is again offering you the chance to win a language trip to our school in Malta.

In another chocolate-based competition, we have filled a large jar full of Smarties (19 Liters). We naturally counted every single Smartie (!) and the total number in the jar is a top secret and only known by one person.

To enter the competition simply guess how many Smarties are in the jar and you could be in with a chance of winning a two-week course at Maltalingua including accommodation, airport transfers, participation in three activities per week and course materials. On top of all this, Maltalingua provides its students with a course certificate on completion, free internet access to keep in touch with friends and family and keep on top of your homework(!), student discount card and welcome pack and an invitation to the world-famous (well, maybe not world-famous) welcome party.

Maltalingua Smarties CompetitionWhen entering, please let us know either why you think Malta would be a great place to learn English and/or tell us about something you find particularly strange, interesting or funny about the English language – and try to be creative and original!

And don’t forget to include your guess on the number of Smarties in the jar. The competition will end when the correct number has been guessed!

Simply click here to take part.

Good luck!

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We finally have a winner of our pool competition : )

Lourdes, from Spain, is the lucky girl who guessed closest to the right amount of tiles. There are 71482 tiles in the Maltalingua pool.

When Lourdes saw the Maltalingua pool competition she thought it was a good opportunity for her to improve her English in another country. She wants to learn English to communicate with others and was convinced that Malta is an enjoyable and sunny spot to combine a holiday with studying English. Lourdes loves to get to know people from different cultures. Therefore, she thinks that Malta is an optimal destination as you can find so many language students from different places all over the world.

The rules were simple – How many tiles are in Maltalingua’s private swimming pool? Almost impossible to count but out of over 700 other applicants Lourdes’ guess was the closest and she is now the winner of a two-week language journey to Malta.

Entries came in from all over the world, from as far afield as Mexico and Russia as well as Germany, the UK as well as Spain. Lourdes says she is more than looking forward to her time in Malta where she’ll attend a general English course, be accommodated in a school apartment and enjoy all Malta has to offer.  No doubt she also plans to take a dip in the pool which helped her to win!

Don’t be too disappointed if you missed out though, keep your eyes peeled for our next competition and, who knows, the next winner of a language holiday to Malta could be you!

The Maltalingua Team is looking forward to welcoming you to our school.


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Win a trip to Malta! How many Maltesers are in the jar?

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Chocolate, sunny weather, and lots of fun language practice. Sounds like a good combination, doesn’t it?

And it can all be yours for free, if you win the Great Chocolate Malteser Competition! Just guess how many chocolate Maltesers are in the jar.

Give us your answer by leaving a comment on the competition page and also tell us why you think Malta is a good place to learn English. Good luck 🙂

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Win a language trip to Malta!

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Maltalingua English Language School is offering a one week language holiday to the sunny island of Malta! The prize includes:

  • 2 weeks English course (20)
  • 14 nights’ accommodation in a self-catering school apartment
  • Return Airport collection
  • 1 free school activity
  • Course material
  • Level test and course certificate
  • Free internet access in the school and apartment
  • Student discount card
  • Welcome meeting with snacks and refreshments
  • Great school atmosphere smiley

To win this great prize you will need to list the 10 differences in the image below between Malta and England and in the comment field below say why you would choose Malta.

For more information, go to the competition conditions (competition ends 31.11.12)


Spot the differences

Note: Comments will not be published here until after the competition. Otherwise, it would be too easy wink

Mention something funny or strange as a bonus!

Good Luck!

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