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Want to improve your English?

2018 is here and it’s time for you to remember the promises you made on New Year’s Eve.

You know that long list of goals you wanted to achieve by the end of the year – did you finish them?

Are you trying to do less or more of something? Your ‘more’ list is usually full of new healthy ideas, such as doing more exercise or eating good food. The ‘less’ list might include stop smoking. You should always try to make your life a whole lot better. Use 2018 to challenge yourself and invest in you.

 It’s a new year and that only means one thing – new goals! Improve your skills, find new challenges and discover more about yourself. Take on a challenge that will really improve your life.


Have you thought about improving your English?

Here are four ways you can make your learning more rewarding:

  1. Read more: If you’re ready for the challenge then why not check these 9 great novels that can really help improve your English. Reading English books on a daily basis can improve your vocabulary skills too.
  2. Speak more: A great way to improve your language is to keep your speaking skills on point. Set one day a week to speak English – order your coffee in English, speak to English-speaking colleagues or friends. Give it a try.
  3. Listen more: Movies are your friends! Take it easy at first, use subtitles and enjoy the show. You can also take a look at the Maltalingua videos found here.
  4. Write more: Keeping a diary can help you improve your writing skills, help build your vocabulary and give you the confidence to take your English skills to the next level.

Learning English is fun and rewarding. It will give you new opportunities for your personal life and your business life. Learning English makes travelling easier – you’ll be able to speak to locals and make your way around a city a lot easier.

When it comes to business, knowing English can help you get great jobs. Your professional life will become more exciting and rewarding. Are you interested yet?

At Maltalingua, the environment is just right. With professional teachers, equipped classrooms within an Eaquals accredited school found in sunny Malta, modern accommodation and exciting, daily activities – the choice is simple.

You can have a 20% discount on all Courses and School Accommodation booked by the end of February. Discounts will be given to students who visit the school by the end of March.  

What are you waiting for? Get this offer, book now and save!

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